Furoshiki tutorial: here’s how to wrap your gifts with fabric very easily

Furoshiki, or the Japanese art of wrapping gifts with fabric, is not reserved for DIY pros! The proof with this easy tutorial shared by Mondial Tissus.

Furoshiki, an art reserved for the most skilled of their hands? Que Nenni. Even great beginners can present their gifts in fabric, in the Japanese way. A trendy phenomenon, certainly, but which also packs the planet.

Every year, 20,000 rolls of gift paper are sold in France during the holiday season alone, according to France Info. So, how to please your loved ones while caring for the environment? User manual in pictures with an easy tutorial shared by Mondial Tissus.

Wrapping gifts furoshiki way: the material

  • 2 squares of 72 x 72 cm of cretonne (11,99€ per meter on mondialtissus.fr)and a cretonne with a Christmas print (7,99€ per meter on mondialtissus.fr)
  • 40 cm of golden ribbon (0,99€ per meter on mondialtissus.fr)

A square or rectangular gift to wrap

Deco tutorial: how to wrap a gift with fabric

Step 1: Create a furoshiki package with the fabric squares

  1. Sew the furoshiki packaging by pricking place against place the 2 squares of 72 x 72 cm. Leave an opening of 10 cm to be able to turn it over.
  2. Turn the squares over and iron them carefully.
  3. Stitch all the way around the furoshiki packaging at 1mm from the edge.

Step 2: Pack the gift package

  1. Place the gift to be wrapped in the center of the furoshiki, aligning a long edge of the gift on the diagonal of the square.
An easy furoshiki tutorial.

2. Fold one of the corners over the gift.

An easy FUROSHIKI DIY tutorial.

3. Slide the tip of the corner of fabric that has just been folded under the gift.

A furoshiki DIY tutorial in easy fabric.

4. Fold the opposite angle above the gift.

An easy furoshiki tutorial for beginners.

5. Fold the end of the angle slightly to reveal the reverse. This folding forms two points on either side of the package.

An easy furokishi DIY to wrap a gift.

6. Fold the sides of one of the tips inwards, making sure to place the fabric against the gift.

An easy furoshiki tutorial.

7. Fold the tip over the package by placing the fabric against the gift.

An easy furokishi for gift paper.

8. Do the same with the other tip and then join the two points thus formed above the gift.

A free tutorial to make a furoshiki.

9. Tie the two tips formed using the golden ribbon.

An easy DIY to make a furoshiki on a gift.

10. And that’s the result!

A black and gold furoshiki Mondial Tissu.

The folding can also be reversed so that the print is dominant on the packaging.

A FUROSHIKI DIY tutorial in black and gold fabric.
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