Grumpy? Stressed? Talkative? Find out what kind of personality you are at Christmas according to this study

Every year, it’s the same thing. We meet around a table with his family to spend a warm moment. Heated or passionate discussions punctuate the meal and give a glimpse of everyone’s personality when the holiday season comes.

A new study has been conducted by Green Chef, a home meal delivery company, to analyze the habits and emotions of 2,000 British adults on Christmas Day. 15% of respondents admit that they do everything to please others when Christmas comes. 6% are not at all in the spirit of Christmas and hate this period. Psychologist and body language expert Judi James was able to detect seven of the most common types of behavior during the holiday season.

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The generous

He tends to delight his loved ones, especially on D-Day, when he offers the most gifts, brings back food and drinks in abundance, and especially gives his full attention regardless of the subject of the conversation.

The talkative

He can’t stop talking. This can be a good thing when the atmosphere is not good and it makes the gallery laugh. Sometimes it gets a little heavy, especially in the late evening when everyone has a shot in the nose and can’t wait to get back to bed.

朋友徒步穿越洛杉磯丘陵 - the talkative 個照片及圖片檔

The diplomat

He avoids arguments around the political issues of the moment, or when one member of the family throws a spade at another. He desperately seeks to maintain peace and serenity to make his loved ones have a good time.

The stressed

Set up the decoration, organize the arrivals of the dishes on the table, maintain cohesion during the distribution of gifts … Christmas does not rhyme with pleasure but anxiety. All this to aim for unattainable perfection with too high goals.

準備在家裡過耶誕節 - the decorate table 個照片及圖片檔

The Grinch

There are no other words to define this personality. He does not want to be there, he growls, breathes, complains, in short, he can make life hell for the other guests with his bad mood. The spirit of Christmas is a very distant principle for him.

The picky

Worse than the Grinch, he is never satisfied. Whether it’s the most gift or the best meal, he will always find something to say. It holds requirements that make it unlivable.

beautiful woman enjoying birthday - the picky person at party 個照片及圖片檔

The excited

A child in an adult body. For him, Christmas is sacred. He loves everything and can’t calm his excitement on the days or nights leading up to the event.

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