Haircuts inspired by Korean fashion that are very flattering

They look modern, flirtatious, and super feminine.

Oriental fashion and beauty tips continue to gain popularity on this side of the world and for good reason, especially when it comes to Korean haircuts for women because they look fresh and very flirtatious.

What characterizes their style choices is the presence of layers to give more volume and movement to their smooth manes, bangs to frame their features, and androgynous hairstyles that are very comfortable especially now in summer.

Korean Haircuts for Women Worth Trying

Short degrafiling

korean haircuts for women
The Desafinado takes short in the Korean trends.- Pinterest.

We know that among the trends of this 2021 returned the popular Desafinado of the 2000s that captivated many, but in Korean fashion, they have adapted it to manes with less length and asymmetrical side bangs.

Also, the tips at different heights with the parading technique also give a lot of dimension to this hairstyle that does not need anything else to look chic and modern.

Bob Capeado

This style benefits all types of faces.- Pinterest Locari.

Among Korean haircuts for women, it is also very common to see them using short hair with this classic style to which they have incorporated many short layers to make it fun, elegant, and flattering.

Best of all, it does not need too much fixing every morning because just by untangling, shaping it with the dryer, and a fixator with your fingers you will be ready to go.

Long bob

medium haircuts
It’s perfect for those looking to spend little time getting by every morning.- Pinterest Locari.

However, if you want an option that does not mean such a radical change, medium hair is also present with a nice detail: curtain-type bangs that become longer at the ends to merge naturally with the mane.


cortes de cabello con capas
The long layers and bangs will give an unbeatable shape to your hair.- KBeauty Addiction.

And it is that for them the bangs have a lot of importance within their fashion tricks because having such fine and sweetened features, allows them to give more personality to their face, although if it is not your case, it will serve to rejuvenate and renew the look.

If XL manes are your thing, add layers as well.

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