Healthy ways to get your anger out

We all get angry, I don’t know anyone who doesn’t and although sometimes we put up with that anger or contain it, it’s one of the basic emotions we bring back and because it’s something healthy and even necessary.

The best thing is always going to be to take that emotion out of your body in some way because if it makes you a habit never to say anything and endure, it can be more dangerous than you think, because at some point, in one way or another it will come out, and without realizing that emotional load can negatively impact your body.

And if at some point in life you thought that with exercise you could get rid of it, there is research that shows that people suffered a heart attack when they felt upset and that the attack happened to them while they were exercising.

Because of this, the scientists determined that anger leads you to double physical exertion and triples the risk of being given a stoppage. That’s why we tell you what you can do to get your anger out in a healthy and risk-free way.

MEDITATE We already know that you have heard it everywhere and almost hallucinate to those who do, but meditating helps to reduce blood pressure to an indicated level almost instantaneously. If you do, you’ll be 50% less likely to go into cardiac arrest.

BREATHE How many times have you been told to “take a deep breath” in a stressful situation? Have you listened? You should, it helps you to lower that courage you feel and not to let yourself go impulsively. Inhaling deeply through the nose and exhaling through the mouth seems simple but is effective in normalizing pressure. Breathe, breathe, breathe.


Choose a place where you can be alone, lie down, think about what made you angry, and pray yes, yes, yes, yes! Without a second thought, he starts screaming. Scream like crazy deranged, from your hoarse chest. Cry as hard as you can, if you want to hit and kick on the ground. This will release the tension you have accumulated.

WRITE Let go, let all those negative feelings stick on the paper and come out of you, since you finish doing it are sorrow or glory, you will see that you feel much better.


You could prepare for this step by following the points above, but if your anger is over something someone did or said it’s always best to talk about it head-on. And after all, it’s that your anger won’t be that great and you’ll be able to control it much better.

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