Here are the makeup styles that can make you look older after 40

Makeup lovers know that applying the various styles of makeup aims to highlight our beauty and make the looks we wear look much more striking, however when we make a bad selection we can have a disfavorable effect.

One of the positive points of makeup is that it is able to correct certain “imperfections” and can make you look younger, but when it is not applied with the right techniques it can add a few years to your face.

A bad application usually marks expression lines and even gives an effect of factions or expressions that we do not really have.

Likewise, some styles that may seem ideal due to trends may not be the right ones if we do not adapt them to our own needs.

After a certain age, it is necessary to be very careful with all this since there are colors, styles, and techniques that usually raise the age.

If you do not want to have this effect on your makeup style, here we will show you some of the most common mistakes that leave an effect on aging.

Avoid these mistakes and makeup styles

Excess mascara

Mascara is ideal for opening the eye, this is positive. However, when the application is exceeded in the lower tabs, the appearance is negative, as it could highlight lines and give a very rounded effect.

Exaggerate with dark tones

While dark tones are not forbidden, wearing shadows without transition colors, lighting and neutrals, can give too heavy a finish, contrary to the youthful appearance that achieves a well-structured makeup.

Dark bottom outline

Makeup on the lower eyelid can benefit or harm. When you are looking to open your gaze, try to combine a light color that opens your gaze and add a dark color that is not so close to the eye.

If you exceed the escuro tone, the eyes will automatically look more closed and even tired.

Wrong concealer tone

The concealer can do “magic” as long as we know how to use it. Covering dark circles not only helps us look more rested and young, but also gives makeup a better finish.

But when we choose the wrong tone, the opposite can happen, highlighting the dark circle and ruining the look.

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