High boots are worn above pants, expert word

If the trends of 2021 are making something clear, it is the umpteenth confirmation that in fashion everything is cyclical and past times always come back. Examples of success such as the return of the bomber jacket as essential, the animal print in total look, or the bell-bottoms of the 70s. Garments and also certain gestures that seemed forgotten and that thanks to the experts return with force to our lives.

With high boots at their peak and settled (again) like the star footwear of winter, it turns out that, in addition to wearing them next to skirts, dresses, shorts, and shorts, in street style, a new use has spread: wearing them above the pants. In honor of the truth we must point out that nothing of the novelty of anything, it is a modus operandi that was taken years ago and that we had omitted all this time because it is back and is a trend.

High boots always above the pants. (Imaxtree)

High boots are always above the pants. (Imaxtree)

The simplest thing cannot be. Composing a winter outfit in which the garment below is a pair of pants, regardless of its class, fit, or cut, we park aside ankle boots, loafers or sneakers, to join it to high boots. With another mandatory requirement, the cane of the chosen boots must be larger than normal to have enough capacity to fit inside the pants and house all the fabric.

A modus operandi extended among the prescribers that have been seen on the catwalks. Philosophy di Lorenzo, Longchamp, or Victoria Beckham are some of the fashion houses that have opted for this gesture in looks that touch all the sticks: informal, western, tailor, denim, and so on.

High boots with a tailor's trousers. (Imaxtree)

High boots with a tailor’s trousers. (Imaxtree)

As for the type of pants, not only straws live high boots. The wide models, the bombachos, the destroyer jeans, or the dress ones are just as valid in practice and even more accepted than the skinny ones. The same premise with fabrics. Thick, fluid, knitting, smooth, and printed, it is clear and proven on the asphalt that for this purpose no pants are excluded due to their shape or material

On the boots and in addition to the feature of high and wide cane, little more must be added. They can wear heels or be flat, with track sole, minimalist style, cowboy, futuristic in metallic leather or mono-color leather, in short, any pair that you want and you can wear above the garment below your outfit.

The gesture of trend that triumphs among the experts. (Imaxtree)

The gesture of trend that triumphs among the experts. (Imaxtree)

Think about it, to the cool and trendy that is this tandem of pants and boots, two assets are added: one, versatility, and two, that such a shoe, high even touching a measure to infinity, always helps us to stylize and visually lengthen the legs.

Wherever you look at it, we insist on the idea that we are facing one of the new winter currents that already set the tone for styling in street style, one to which some of the best fashion editors on the planet have said yes en bloc. Now it’s your turn.

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