Holidays: 3 ways to tie your hair after 50 years

As the holidays approach, we start dreaming of hairstyles as chic as they are stylish. To sublimate the half-long hair for an evening, nothing beats the opinion of the pros.

Bun on the top of the skull, unstructured braid… of course the holidays can rhyme with audacity! This is the perfect time to dare different hairstyles, chicer or more sophisticated than on a daily basis. However, when you are no longer 20 years old, it is better to respect certain rules.

The details that make the difference

To be sure to highlight your face, forget the ultra-smooth, hairstyles too tense or worn too low: facial features tend to sag, this hair beauty may accentuate the phenomenon.

A (reasonable) volume at the roots softens the face just like the wild strands that escape from ponytails, braids, or buns because they have the advantage of dressing the contours. We must not hesitate to give them movement by subtly undulating them. But be careful, it must remain natural, otherwise, you will cheat your look. “Even if it’s your hairdresser who does your hair, you still have to feel like you did it on your own,” says Mahdi Ben Hadid, international trainer for Lazartigue. The fringe is also a good option to give style to a hairstyle: it dresses the forehead, camouflages certain defects, and emphasizes the look.

bringing the braid back - tie your hair 個照片及圖片檔

1. The braid on the side

If you have enough thickness or wavy hair, make a braid (simple or ear of wheat) to wear on the side. Do you lack density? Work on the texture using a “beach return” effect spray for example, or curling iron. Once the mat is finished, loosen the wicks to give an impression of density and break the side too sharp and too clean, a bit cheesy. Be sure to leave a few wild locks to dress the contours of the face.

2. The braided bun

As with the previous hairstyle, work on the material of your hair, then braid it. Then go up the mat and fix it to the back of the skull with a nice fastener (bar, pin …). Another option, make two braids (one on each side), cross them, and roll them up before fixing them like a bun with a nice golden pick for example.

simple hairdo self tutorial -  the braided bun hair 個照片及圖片檔

3. The bohemian ponytail

A ponytail is always a chic option provided you respect certain rules: the first is to always leave strands loose in order to frame the face. Remember: anything that is “plated” may highlight small imperfections of the face. You can lightly crepe the hair to give volume, without doing too much either to keep it natural. Neither too low nor too high, tie the ponytail at the back of the head, where the skull forms a slight “flat”.

The low bun, good option or not?

Less easy to adopt, the low bun requires an impeccable oval or almost. This chic hairstyle will sublimate all those with tonic faces. If this is not your case, go your way.

gorgeous girl - the low bun hair 個照片及圖片檔

The chic touch: the accessory

Ribbon, vintage bar, pearl clip, brooch or golden peak to tie the hair are welcome. On the other hand, no rhinestones or sequins, it must remain chic and modern.

Thanks to Quentin Feynie, Bumble, and Bumble trainer, and Mahdi Ben Hadid, international trainer for Lazartigue.

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