Honest Illustrations About What Marriage And Family Life Are Really Like

Yehuda Devir is a well-known Israeli cartoonist and comic artist who is recognized for depicting all of the bizarre and amusing events in his and his wife Maya’s lives. His genuine cartoons detail everything from their day-to-day activities to their road toward motherhood. Similar comics will undoubtedly strike a chord with anyone who has ever been in these circumstances. Continue reading to view them and learn how this adorable pair appears in real life.

1. Shedding All The Time

2. It’s Your Turn

3. I Thought Only “You” Were On Diet

4. Tell Me How Is It?

5. Hey, That’s Not Fair

6. How Could You?

7. Is My Hair Alright?

8. I Love Your Baby Face

9. A Professional Masseuse

10. She Could Use Another Scarf

11. You Aren’t Going Anywhere

12. How On Earth Is It Always My Turns to Wash The Dishes?

13. Heating Food Is Overrated

14. It Happens Every Morning

15. When He’s Sick

16. ‘I Think She’s Ready’

17. Baby Operation Is ON

18. Baby Potion Might Work

19. Finally!

20. Don’t You Dare!

21. No, That’s Not How You Use It!

No, That’s Not How You Use It!

22. The Baby Kicked

23. One of Us Needs to Stop Panicking

24. Welcome Little Angel

25. I’ll Handle It

26. Sleepless Nights

27. A Shot to the Heart and Nurse to Blame

28. Two is Better than One

29. Don’t Forget the Diapers

This is what the couple looks like in real life!

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