How do I clean my AirPods?

You have most certainly already succumbed to the products sold by Apple, starting with the phones, then with their famous Bluetooth headphones, the AirPods. Quite expensive, you want them to last a maximum of the time, but for that, you have to know how to maintain them! Like any object, it is prone to catching dust. In addition to that, it goes into your ears and can come out with some bodily secretions (nothing abnormal, don’t worry). And this grime, due to the earwax produced by the ears, must be well disposed of.

Obviously, for a question of hygiene, it is essential to clean your headphones. No one likes to put dirty headphones in their ears. But the reason for maintaining them doesn’t stop there. Indeed, if you let the dirt accumulate inside your headphones, you risk degrading them in the long run. Dust or earwax can decrease the sound quality of your headphones, or even damage them for good. Given their price, it would be a shame not to take care of them!

But cleaning headphones doesn’t turn out to be that simple. So that you can do it right and not do anything, we reveal the tips to properly maintain your AirPods! In any case, forget about cleaning with water and prepare a dry and soft cloth instead!

Clean your AirPods and AirPods Pro

Generally, you can easily see if your headphones are dirty and need cleaning or not. If you have any doubt, especially regarding the grille of your AirPods, you can for example compare the sound level of each earpiece. If the volume of one of your headphones is lower, it’s probably because dirt has settled inside. But don’t panic, you can clean the outside as well as the inside of your AirPods, with caution of course.

First, let’s start with the simplest part, which is the exterior of the AirPods. You’ve probably already noticed, but when you use your headphones and remove them, some dirt is at the curves, between the rod and the earpiece. To get rid of it, nothing could be simpler, gently rub with a soft, damp cloth, and then dry.

So far, nothing too bad. Everything gets complicated when you get to the part of the grids, where the sound comes from. The most well-known technique for cleaning the grid and its contour, where most of the earwax is located, remains the toothpick or curette. Nevertheless, this way of proceeding can damage your headphones if the job is done wrong. In fact, it may happen that instead of removing the grime, you push it a little deeper into the grid. The best way to quickly find yourself without your favorite object. And since we do not want this to happen to you, we are going to reveal some little tips to put an end to this filth, which is not pleasant.

The easiest way to clean the grid of your AirPods is to use pasta or gel, usually used to crush computer keyboards. To do this, simply press the earpiece against the gel or paste (which you have left to dry a few hours beforehand so that it is hard), then gently remove it so as not to leave residue on the grid. Note that the gel and paste can be reused after rinsing.

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If you can’t get hold of it, you can also use fixing paste, which also works perfectly, or Sugru. This modeling paste used for DIY can also be used to remove earwax and dirt from your headphones. In addition to that, it will serve you to repair or glue your objects at home.Fixing paste Sugru. Price: 7,19 € Amazon

On the other hand, you also have the option of using an air bomb. Place your bomb near the grille of your AirPods, but not too much due to the pressure, and you’ll see dirt escaping from inside your headphones.

For those who own AirPods Pro, note that you can remove the earbud tip and run them underwater to clean them. Be careful to put them back in place only when they are dry.

Cleaning your AirPods Max

Those who prefer headphones to headphones have probably gotten their hands on Apple’s AirPods Max, released in December 2020. Sold at more than 600 euros, it is strongly recommended to take care of this little gem!

To clean them, it’s quite simple. You should start by removing the pads from the headphones. Then the headband and helmet are simply rubbed with a soft cloth and soapy water. The pads, on the other hand, should be rubbed with another cloth that is very lightly wet, and then wiped off, taking care to remove all moisture. The ideal is to let your AirPods Max dry for at least 24 hours before reinstalling the pads and using the device.

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Maintain your AirPods case

Now that you know the tricks to preserve your AirPods, it would be a shame to abandon their case, which also tends to accumulate a lot of dirt, especially in the hollow where we put the headphones. Letting the dust lodge in this place is not a good idea, knowing that it is the only way to charge your AirPods. A little dirt can therefore prevent the charge of the latter.

Again, it is possible to clean both the outside of the case and the inside. For the outside, nothing could be simpler. Bring a soft cloth and lightly soak it with isopropyl alcohol. Rub, dry, and your case regains its shine.

For the internal part, the method does not differ greatly. The only difference is that it is better to equip yourself with a cotton swab rather than a cloth, in order to reach all the surfaces of the case. When cleaning the interior, pay attention to the charging connectors, but also to the Lightning tip. The cotton swab also allows you to loosen the hollows and grooves of the case, which get dirty very easily. This way, you will be able to say goodbye to all the impurities encrusted! Be sure to put your headphones back in the case only when the case is completely dry. Finally, to protect the outside from possible scratches, we advise you to get a silicone shell.3 silicone shells. Price : 4,99 € Amazon

Cleaning the case of your AirPods Max

To clean the Smart Case of your Apple headset, also use a soft, dry cloth. If necessary, you also have the option of lightly wetting the cloth with isopropyl alcohol, then letting it dry. As with all products, do not use abrasive materials to maintain them. You will risk damaging your headphones, as well as your cases.

With all these tricks, no more reason to leave your house with your dirty AirPods!

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