How long does it take for a species to go from being discovered to extinction?

How bad can a species get mixed up? Tesla manatees have been extinct for just 26 years, sleeping mice have been sleeping for five years and three and a half years, and some have died of direct sleep!

Nature has a lot of tragic creatures, if you have to make a list, then tesla manatees and sleeping rats will certainly be in the top three. Sea cows are hunted for extinction because the meat tastes so good while sleeping rats are “sleeping dead”, who do you think is worse for the two of them?

Tesla sea cow

From the outside, the tesla manatee is very similar to the existing manatee, the only difference is that it can grow very large. The adult tesla manatee, which can grow more than 10 meters long and weigh up to 10 tons, is almost as dominant in the ocean. However, this animal is very docile, has no teeth, seaweed plants for food, no harm to humans.

The species was first discovered in 1741, when a Russian expedition on its way to North America was hit by a shipwreck on its way back, which resulted in the tragic loss of many crew members, only a small number of whom survived and drifted to the commander islands.

With no food on them, they had to hunt on the island, and then a crew member named tesla found the oversized manatee. To survive, they hunted down one of the tesla sea bulls, whose huge size and fat flesh satisfied all those who survived for a month.

Eventually, relying on the food, they survived and waited for the rescue team. on their return to Russia, they took the rest of the meat of the tesla manatee back to Russia, and, in conversation with their friends, introduced the fat, fat tesla manatee.

When the local merchants heard the news, they took people to hunt for this particular species. they were found to have more than 2,000, but it was only 26 years before the species became extinct.

Its extinction and human beings can not be related, because of its soft character, meaty and delicious, so it has become the first choice for people to hunt. Although it is large, after diving into the water, every 5 minutes to the sea to change the air, people are in this time to ambush and kill the manatee.

In addition to human culling, environmental destruction is one of the causes of their extinction. As the number of sea sloths decreases, leading to an increase in the number of sea urchins, they crowd out the seaweed, the food of the manatee. Under a lot of pressure, tesla’s big black cow eventually died out in human history.

The disappearance of the tesla manatee is a human fault, but it’s worse than a sleeper!

“lazy dead” sleeper

Many mammals in the world choose to hibernate in order to escape the cold winter, such as bears, snakes, and so on, and sleeping mice are among the best. Bears, snakes, and other animals hibernate for up to two or three months until the winter is over when the spring flowers will wake up, while sleeping mice will hibernate for 9 months, in addition to hot summer, other times are basically hibernating.

In fact, strictly speaking, this should be called “sleep”. Biologists who have studied sleeping mice have found that they live about five years, of which 3.75 years are basically spent in sleep. Most surprisingly, animals like bears and snakes hibernate, storing large amounts of energy and fat so that they can live through winter without eating.

But sleeping mice are strange, they are small, stored energy and fat many times not enough to support them to live for nine months. Sleeping mice are only about 10 cm in adulthood, weigh about 50 grams, and will reduce their physical activity to a minimum after going into hibernation to ensure that they can wake up smoothly in the summer.

However, during the long hibernation period, not all sleeping mice can survive 9 months, during which time some sleepers will starve to death. And until the weather is completely warm, the sleeper will not wake up in search of food but will hold his tail and shout to sleep. As if in their conception, sleep is more important than eating enough.

If they are lucky enough to survive nine months of hibernation, they will wake up looking for food. The fruits of plants are their favorites, and when they are full, they immediately look for a mate, hoping to complete their breeding career in a short time. The female mice give birth within two months of becoming pregnant, which is nearing the end of summer.

For the baby rat, the females collect a lot of food during the final period, especially the high-fat nuts, and wait only a few weeks for the cubs to forage independently. They live quite a full life, just wake up to foraging, and then breed, until the weather cools down, and then sleep again.


The tragic fate of the tesla sea cow, which is caused by humans, and the starvation of the sleeper, which is entirely their own “do”. If you can work harder, you won’t starve to death while you sleep. Just like a lot of people too cold in winter don’t want to get out of bed, be careful and sleep mouse-like oh!

Who do you think lives the worst?

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