How scary is Brazil’s “Amazon”? Why are locals afraid to swim in the Amazon?

As the world’s largest rainforest, the Amazon rainforest is known as the “lung of the earth”. This is the “paradise of the world’s flora and fauna”, but also the “human exclusion zone”, how terrible is it? Even the locals are afraid to swim in the Amazon.

In the 21st century, you may not believe that there are still isolated primitive tribes, but they do exist in the Amazon rainforest. It accounts for half of the world’s rainforests and 20 percent of the world’s forests. The Amazon rainforest is located in the Amazon Basin in South America and covers an area of 7 million square kilometers, with rainforests crossing nine countries. Here, there are many “hidden.”

Generally speaking, we are familiar with pythons that rarely attack humans, but this is an exception in the Amazon rainforest. There are the world’s largest snakes: the Amazonian dragonfly, which can reach more than 10 meters long and weigh more than 225 kilograms. Mori is born happy water, usually perched in the shallow water on the mud bank, the mouth can be spread up and down to about 180 degrees, 4 rows of teeth can be independently active, with the reputation of the silent killer, located at the top of the South American river food chain. In terms of appearance, it is also difficult to meet enemies in the New World.

Of course, it is also mentioned that cannibals, another infamous animal in the Amazon, has a short neck and a very hard skull, especially the mink, although it is about the size of a normal fish, sharp teeth, in just a few seconds can tear a cow to pieces.

These are just the tip of the amazon rainforest, where 99% of the sun is blocked by high vegetation and the surface is almost dark. In the dark lanes of the river, it looks crystal clear, but there are also all kinds of parasites hidden. It can be said that the Amazon rainforest is a well-deserved human exclusion zone.

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