How to choose the right toy for a child up to a year

To choose a toy that will interest the baby for a long time, you need intuition and attention to the interests and inclinations of the child. The reputation of the manufacturer and the quality of the product also matter.

0–4 months. The child distinguishes only contrasting, spotted, or striped patterns located at a distance of 30 cm Preferred colors are red, blue, and green. At 2-3 months, the baby is interested in large catchy objects. Hang a bright towel or another attention-grabbing object in his crib. Developing hearing will help toys that make melodic sounds. At this stage, the baby is useful sounding and dynamic entertainment contrasting colors. Moving or rotating in a circle objects will focus attention, help to calm and entertain. Such a toy should be 30-50 cm from the baby so that he can reach it and distinguish details.

One of the first toys in the life of the baby will be a musical mobile. Hang it at the level of the baby’s chest (not overhead) and turn it on for 10 minutes, preventing overwork. From 3 months, your own pens will also become your favorite fun: the baby will study them with interest, feel and pull them into his mouth.

4–6 months. The baby is actively developing hand motility. As the tone in the muscles decreases, he learns to grab objects with his palm and gradually begins to shift them from one palm to another. To develop hand sensitivity, coordination of movements, and the ability to correlate the size of objects, offer him light, different in texture, and sound toys. And then there are rags, bags, rustling fabrics. Soft toys made of heterogeneous materials will also be useful. For example, a development center with clasps and inserts that can be pulled out. The child needs both cars and dolls. Look at pictures with him, build towers of cubes.

Acquiring new skills and learning information requires a lot of energy. You can take a break from labor in a crib, in the arms of mom or dad and mother’s breast. After 15-20 minutes after falling asleep, the baby can be transferred to a crib or bassinet.

how to choose a toy for a child up to a year

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6–9 months. The child already grabs objects with two fingers – thumb and index finger. He can collect crumbs from the plate for a long time and concentrated. Of particular interest are small details, which are immediately sent to the mouth. So the kid learns the world – to taste and to the touch. The developing panel will have to come in handy. It will help to improve hand motility, visual-spatial coordination, and associative thinking. Thanks to her, the baby will gradually begin to understand what movements need to be reproduced in order to get, grab, pull.

By the way, the problem of choosing which of the toys to do in the first place, will not puzzle the baby. He will take a toy in each hand and start shifting them from one to the other whenever he wants.

To direct the baby’s energy in the right direction and at the same time develop his ability to move will help a simple game: ask the child to find toys that lie aside, and independently get to them. For such exercises, bright and simple toys are suitable: a ball, a pyramid, etc.

9–12 months. The kid likes to disassemble and collect objects, but one in another mold, string pyramids. Since the child can already crawl and gradually master the vertical position, he acquires freedom of movement. Interest at this age will cause moving toys that can be rolled, carried, pushed, and thrown.

A ten-month-old baby already distinguishes how different objects “sing”: the phone rings, the clock ticks, water drips from the tap. It’s time to buy toy musical instruments – small drums, saxophones, etc.

At 12 months, offer tight puzzles of two parts, pyramids with rings of the same size, simple frames-inserts (for example, with animal figures).

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