How to hook a millionaire: 5 things in a girl that will attract a wealthy man

His opinion on this subject was expressed by the popular blogger Mikhail Davydov.


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In girls, I am primarily attracted to modesty. I will be pleased if at least occasionally she offers just to walk in the park instead of going to a luxurious restaurant. Nowadays, it is worth a lot.

I had situations when I called new friends to walk in warm weather, but in response, I received something in the spirit of “maybe we better sit in a good institution”? Honestly, I’m alarmed by this behavior. It seems as if the girl first of all estimates the amount of money in my wallet, but not myself.

Thinking, intelligence

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As a wealthy man, it would be nice for me to see a smart girl next to me who would compliment me, with whom there would be something to talk about, who would like to develop together.

The ideal companion is not the one who will sit on her neck and calm down, but the one who will move forward and inspire new achievements. After all, it is not for nothing that they say that behind every strong and successful man there is a no less a strong woman.

Ease and sanity

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I love easy-to-communicate girls. There are ladies who for years remember small grievances and constantly pour reproaches from the category of “did you forget the date of our first kiss?”

Dear women, if you want to attract a successful man, please forget about such claims. We already spend a lot of energy on work and other things, there is no point in spending energy on quarrels over trifles. Let’s take many things easier and learn to forgive each other for minor flaws.


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Of course, an important role is played by appearance. Most men (myself included) pay attention to how well-groomed the girl is. The main thing here is to know the measure and not to overdo it in the pursuit of perfection, otherwise, you can not only spoil the natural beauty but also cause harm to your health.

Personally, I am always pleased to appear at a social event with a woman who not only knows how to maintain a conversation, but also looks chic, and holds up decently.


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Often girls try to impersonate those who are not. I have such communication comes to naught after the first meeting. I am sure that you do not need to specifically try to please someone, just be yourself.

Do not intentionally behave too modestly or, on the contrary, frankly, falsehood is always felt. Moreover, if today you are like this, and tomorrow – another, even the most impenetrable man will have a contradiction: he met one person, and in the end, he got a completely different one. It usually doesn’t end well.

Above are 5 things I want to see in my girlfriend. For each man, this set of qualities is individual. We are all different: someone just needs to see a beautiful picture nearby, while others have a list of requirements for a future companion consisting of more items. One thing I can say for sure: love yourself, it disarms and attracts attention cooler than any techniques that are so often written about in glossy magazines.

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