How to Maintain a Clean & Tidy Bathroom

Your bathroom is likely to be the place in which you will (or should) spend the most time maintaining. Despite the fact that you and your family spend a tiny amount of time in the bathroom (in comparison to the other rooms in your house), it is one of the most common breeding grounds for mold, filth, and other microorganisms. As a result, maintaining the cleanliness of your bathroom is critical. And it’s much more than just keeping everything “tidy.”

Here are some ways to keep your bathroom clean!

Curb the clutter

While it’s tempting to believe that the majority of a bathroom’s cleaning is due to the aftermath of what happens in there, the largest struggle you’ll face is clutter, not the toilet seat. Keep your bathroom counters as clutter-free as possible to help yourself. Put goods that are frequently used in baskets beneath the sink or behind the door. A countertop with only a few objects is easier to clean and gives the impression of a larger, brighter space.

Keep it fresh

Close the shower curtain once you’ve gotten out of the tub. Towels should be straightened or replaced. Arrange the bottles of hairspray in a row. Use a minty or citrusy spray to freshen the air. These small gestures take less than a minute to do, yet they may have a long-lasting and rewarding effect.

Above all, a deep clean isn’t anything to be afraid of. It is our responsibility to do so. Use these suggestions to stay sane till we return!

Brush regularly

Make it a practice to brush the toilet at the start and end of each day, wiping down the surrounding surfaces as you go. Cleaning on a regular basis reduces build-up and is a simple and pleasant habit to develop (and teach to anyone else who uses the bathroom).

Open Windows

I’m sure you can think of at least one reason to do so. But, in all seriousness, this relates to the first point about mold being attracted to moisture. The dryer the entire space is, the more air that is circulated throughout the bathroom. Consider using a fan to circulate the air, especially on those muggy summer days. Because it’s hot outside, moisture in your bathroom isn’t going to evaporate on its own.

Separate Wet Materials

Mold thrives in places of stagnant moisture, as you presumably well know. You’re probably also aware that nearly every task in a bathroom necessitates the usage of water. As a result, it’s up to you to keep your shower curtains and towels as dry as possible when they’re not in use. When you’re through bathing, open the curtain wide and let it dry completely. Wet towels should not be piled in a corner or stacked on top of one other. Don’t forget about your bathmat; after each usage, drape it over a drying rack or pole.

Clean Grout

Mold and mildew may develop in the microscopic cracks between your shower tiles, capturing tiny drops of water and causing mold and mildew to spread. Most germs lying beneath the surface may be removed using a solution of water and bleach scraped over the grout between the tiles. If you don’t remove the bleach with warm water and a pH-neutral cleanser afterward, you risk burning your skin or eyes the next time you take a shower.

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