How to make the milk foam of a cappuccino?

Whether you have a steam nozzle, an emulsifier, or just your ten fingers, we explain how to make beautiful milk foam.

Ah, milk foam! Airy and creamy, it is the essential final touch of cappuccino (consisting of espresso + hot milk + milk foam) but also latte (espresso + a lot of hot milk + a little milk foam) and macchiato (espresso + a tear of milk foam). It is obtained by incorporating air into a dose of milk. With the help of a steam nozzle (often), but not only.

whipped dalgona coffee drink in a glass with milk, dark background - milk foam of a cappuccino 個照片及圖片檔

Make milk foam with a steam nozzle

If you have a coffee machine equipped with a steam nozzle, take milk (it can be semi-skimmed or whole but it must be cold) and pour it into a stainless steel jar large enough: the volume of milk will double or even triple. Hold the pot in the palm of your hand, tilt it and place it under the nozzle. To form a beautiful foam, the nozzle should be immersed, ideally 1.5 cm from the surface of the milk. Decenter it also slightly. Turn on the steam mode of the nozzle and raise the pot slightly, as the foam forms and the surface of the milk descend: the nozzle should always be immersed. When you feel that the pot is getting hot, stop the nozzle. Remove the pot, stir it in a rotational motion and tap it on a worktop: this operation makes the foam shine.

咖啡休息:倒牛奶到濃縮咖啡,使一杯拿鐵 - milk foam of a cappuccino 個照片及圖片檔

Milk foam without steam nozzle: a place to the emulsifier

You can also make milk foam with an automatic frother (about 50 euros in the small household appliances department) or a hand emulsifier, which usually works with batteries (from 3 to 15 euros). For the automatic version, it’s very simple: you pour the milk into the machine, it heats it, and makes it foam on its own. For the hand emulsifier, pour the cold milk into a high container, immerse the frother in the milk and engage it. Foam is formed in a minute.

只是一少許牛奶 - milk foam of a cappuccino 個照片及圖片檔

System D: the piston coffee maker… or biceps

Don’t have a foamer? Use a piston coffee maker, Bodum type. Pour the milk into a saucepan. Using a thermometer, heat it to 60-65 ° C and then pour it into the coffee maker. In a few strokes of the piston, you get a satisfying foam. No piston coffee maker either? Heat your milk, pour it into a jar, close the lid tightly, shake vigorously. It works too.

咖啡機上的泡牛奶 - milk foam of a cappuccino 個照片及圖片檔
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