How To Reduce Dust In Your Home?

Do you want to learn how to keep your house dust-free?

You may have a dust mite allergy if you frequently sneeze, have watery eyes, or wheeze in your own house.

We’ve compiled a list of 15 ways for you to minimize dust in your home, making it appear better than ever while also allowing you to breathe easier!

  1. Change your bedding
    Your beloved old bed is a magnet for skin flakes and dust. Washing your bedsheets and pillowcases on a weekly basis is an easy method to keep your home dust-free. Dry clean the pillows or wash them yourself.

2. Use dust covers
If there are sections where you don’t need to vacuum, sweep the floors using a broom and dustpan. Every few months, wash your dustpan and brush and let them air dry before storing them.

3. Install roller blinds
Roller blinds won’t completely eliminate dust, but they will help you reduce it in your home.

Why not use roller blinds instead of curtains? These are much easier to take down and clean, or you may use fabric curtains that can be washed in the washing machine.

4. Vacuum regularly to reduce dust
Vacuum your home, especially high-traffic areas like hallways and living rooms, to help suck up all the dust.

If you’re serious about decreasing dust in your home, seek for vacuum cleaners with HEPA filters, which are meant to filter out 99.9% of pollen, animal dander, and bacteria.

Make sure to read our post on whether you should vacuum or dust first before you begin. It’s possible that you’re creating additional work for yourself!

5. Beat cushions & rugs
Do you want to know how to get rid of dust in your living room?

To beat your cushions and carpets, use an old broom handle or a carpet beater. Continue doing so until there is no more dust flying off of them.

6. Keep the windows shut on windy days
If you’re dealing with a lot of dust in your home, keep your windows closed on windy days!

7. Get a wooden floor
Carpet collects a lot of dust and releases it every time you walk on it. Consider putting a wooden floor or another hard surface such as stone, tile, or vinyl flooring if you’re serious about preventing dust in your home.

8. Limiting the textiles in your home
When you use textiles, they trap and create dust as they decompose. To avoid dust accumulation, use lightweight drapes and furnishings, and decrease the use of blankets and other materials in the home.

9. Use an air purifier
With an air purifier, you can reduce dust particles and keep them close to windows. This will keep airborne pollutants out of the room and out of circulation.

10. Clean air ducts & vents
Dust, grit, and grime can accumulate in filthy air vents. Give it a thorough cleaning to increase airflow.

11. Clean the tumble dryer
Tumble dryers can accumulate a lot of dust. Check your lint collector for debris and dust and clean it. This will benefit the tumble dryer by preventing dust from blowing around every time the door is opened.

12. Sweeping the floors
If there are sections where you don’t need to vacuum, sweep the floors using a broom and dustpan. Every few months, wash your dustpan and brush and let them air dry before storing them.

13. Mop the floors
After sweeping, a moist mop will capture any dust that was missed. The more you wait, the more difficult it will get, so start now!

14. Prevent dust in the wardrobe
Wardrobe organization is difficult enough as it is, so why make it much more difficult by letting dust to accumulate inside? To keep dust out, store any clothes, bags, or objects you aren’t using in plastic containers or cloth bags.

This may seem self-evident, but make sure your closet doors are closed at all times.

15. Remove your shoes to keep dust away
As soon as guests enter your home, request that they remove their shoes. When the dirt on the bottoms of their shoes is trampled into the house, it will dry and turn into dust.

Hopefully, you now have a lot of ideas for how to keep your home dust-free! If you have a tip that we don’t already know about, please share it in the comments section below; we’d love to hear it!

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