How to reduce the double chin and tone the neck?

There are a number of simple exercises that contribute to this purpose.

The double chin, called the double chin in some parts of the world, is an accumulation of fat that is located under the chin — also known as the Tumbarumba, chin or submental area — that extends to much of the neck, explains AARP, an independent U.S. nonprofit that serves the needs and interests of people over 50.

Often, jowls appear due to different hormonal changes that are accentuated after the age of 30, although they can also be related to obesity or overweight problems. These last factors can be related at the same time with genetic reasons or an inadequate diet indicates the health entity Sanitas

Over the years, the skin of the neck is sapped and this layer of fat is caused that plays a role both aesthetically and medically. Thus, an excess of fat accumulation can be considered unattractive and unhealthy.

Aesthetics and vanity are two words that have a great impact on society and especially on people’s trust. There are those who are bothered or frustrated by having jowls and therefore in the market different products are obtained that promise to help with their eradication, as well as cosmetic surgeries.

At the same time that there are these commercial solutions, there are also a number of other natural alternatives that help either prevent the double chin or reduce it, as well as a series of exercises that can be put into practice for these purposes.

chin neck and shoulder of a woman - tone the neck hình ảnh sẵn có, bức ảnh & hình ảnh trả phí bản quyền một lần

Dr. Christian Martín Hernández Libertini, a specialist in Aesthetic Medicine at the London Clinic of Sanitas, reviews a series of exercises to remove the double chin and tone the neck.

The doctor explains that to achieve this it is necessary to exercise the muscles of the jaw and neck, which will help the volume of the jowls reduce. “These exercises should be performed for a few months so that the results are visible, and for longer so that they are permanent, or as permanent as age allows, “warns the specialist.

Exercise #1

The first exercise I review is to tilt your head back, looking at the ceiling. This can be done by the person sitting in a chair. Then, the lower jaw must be pushed forward to feel the stretch under the chin. Being in that position, 10 seconds are counted and the movement is relaxed. The doctor recommends repeating it 10 times over the course of the day.

Exercise #2

It starts in the same way as the first: tilting your head back and directing your gaze towards the ceiling. The difference is that in this one it must be done by making the gesture of giving a kiss to the ceiling, but with great force and in an exaggerated way. This position is held for 10 seconds, relaxed, and repeated 10 times.

Exercise #3

It can be practiced while standing or sitting. You should look straight ahead, sticking out your tongue as much as possible and trying to touch the tip of your nose with it. The tongue should remain in this position for 10 seconds, and then return it to its normal position. The exercise is repeated 10 times.

There are a number of exercises you can put in place to reduce your jowls.

Exercise #4

It is another exercise that is performed facing the front with your head straight. Having it in that position, the mouth is closed by joining the upper teeth with the lower ones and gluing the tongue to them. Dr. Hernández explains that “then, with two fingers, he hits the jowl area continuously for 10 seconds.” 10 repetitions are done.

Exercise #5

The penultimate exercise consists of bringing the head back, facing the ceiling. In this one, the upper palate is smiled and pressed with the tongue. The trick is to stay in this position for five seconds, rest, and repeat it 10 times.

Exercise #6

The last exercise that the doctor presents is to stick the chin to the chest and turn his head slowly to the right; it stays that way for five seconds and turns to the left. “Do 10 repetitions, 5 towards each side,” advises Sanita’s specialist.

By exercising the jaw and neck muscles, the volume of the jowls can be reduced.

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