How to Remove and Heal Nail Stepfathers

Nail stepparents can be really annoying, no matter what finger they’re on. These usually appear due to the dryness of the skin on the hands, caused by cold, dust, the use of some detergents, and even by not hydrating properly.

If you also suffer from stepparents on your fingers, we tell you how to remove them, cure them, and also how to prevent their appearance. Notes!

What are stepparents and how to remove them

These are small fragments of skin that rise around the fingernails. Sometimes they are painful, depending on the thickness and depth, and even bleed.

If not treated properly, they could lead to inflammation and even really painful infections.

Follow these home remedies to remove them:



Wet some cotton with oil and moisten the area where the stepfather is to moisturize it and try to soften the skin. Eye: you can leave it and wait for it to fall off on its own or use small scissors to cut it.

Important: make the cut-up, never down, since you can open the skin more.


The jar of good drinking

Heat half a cup of water and add a tablespoon of salt (preferably grain salt). Soak your finger for at least 5 minutes to deflate the skin.

Before submerging, check the water temperature to avoid burning.


Yogurt masks for the skin

Just stick your finger in a bowl of fresh plain yogurt for about 3 minutes. Cut the skin from top to bottom.

To make you forget about stepparents, it is important that you moisturize the skin of your hands, especially the nail area.

Try to wear latex gloves to do your chores, and especially avoid contact with water in cold season.

Finally, don’t forget to hydrate properly.

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