How to Store Potatoes to Make Them Last for Months?

Potatoes, unlike other fruits and vegetables, may be kept on the kitchen counter for months, although green sprouts will sprout and lose their freshness and flavor. Do you know how to preserve them correctly so that they last for weeks or even months?

If you leave these potatoes on the kitchen counter, they will sprout rapidly, so you’ll need a different method if you want to enjoy them all winter.

Continue reading to find out how to preserve your harvest so you can enjoy it for months to come.

A potato can be stored in a variety of ways. You can test out the five choices listed below until you find what works best for you.

Inspect for Damages

Potatoes that have already started to sprout aren’t suitable for long-term storage. Instead, utilize those potatoes as seed potatoes; you can put them in some ground and start a potato container garden indoors right now.

Otherwise, consume them as soon as possible. They don’t have much longer before they begin to spoil.

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Root cellar storage

One of the finest methods to preserve potatoes is in a root cellar. We can use a basement as a root cellar to stays dry for the majority of the year. Although it isn’t as good as a root cellar, it has served us well.

Put potatoes in storage containers or potato storage bags to keep them in a root cellar. This should help them live longer by maintaining the proper temperature, humidity, and darkness conditions.

Other sorts of food, such as apples, can also be stored in root cellars.

Storing Potatoes in the Ground

You may be able to keep your potatoes in the ground and pick them as required if you reside in a region that does not receive a harsh winter frost. Just keep an eye on the soil temperature and moisture levels; the latter is more of a concern than the former.

Even if you don’t have a root cellar, covering your potatoes with a cold frame or polytunnel will help keep the water off and allow you to store potatoes indefinitely.

Avoid Using Plastic

Plastic should be avoided at all costs. After wrapping their potatoes in plastic bags, many people store them in the root cellar. Though well-intentioned, this frequently has negative consequences.

It’s not a good idea to store potatoes in plastic, whether you’re taking them home from the supermarket or harvesting them straight from your garden. Moisture is trapped in both plastic bags and plastic containers. This results in a moist atmosphere where your potatoes will rot.

Allow those potatoes to breathe! As soon as possible, take them out of the plastic.

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Freeze Your Potatoes

If keeping potatoes in a root cellar isn’t an option, but you still want to save your crop for later, you may freeze them. When thawed, they will become mushy, but they will still function in meals that call for softer potatoes, such as mashed potatoes or stews.

To do so, blanch the potatoes by putting them into hot water in little pieces. Allow them to boil for three minutes before removing them and placing them in an ice bath. You may put them in freezer-safe bags once they’ve cooled. Blanching the potatoes will help them retain as much color and texture as possible.

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