How to use mirrors in the decoration of your house

When it comes to decorating interior spaces, mirrors are a key element regardless of the room as they are responsible for bringing light and spaciousness to any place. However, mirror decoration is more valuable and important than just growing a space visually, because according to Feng Shui, if mirrors are placed in strategic places they potentiate positive energy and help problems get away from the house. Here are some of the Feng Shui tips that will help you with mirrored decoration in the home.

Mirrors in kitchen

Mirrors according to Feng Shui are ideal for energy to flow in spaces.Andreas von Einsiedel / Getty Images

The importance of mirrors in the home

Mirrors, according to Feng Shui, are extremely important since this discipline is based on the balance of five elements to achieve its purpose, among the many tools it offers to counteract or enhance the energy of the environment. Mirrors correspond to the element of water and their qualities are directly associated with fluidity, clarity, inspiration, and communication. For this reason, mirrors are great dynamizes of spaces because they provide depth, luminosity and activate the energy that in Feng Shui is known as Chi.

But the most important thing about the use of mirrors in the home, according to this discipline, is the positioning of them since they are often in places that are counterproductive. The size of the mirrors and shapes also help to modify the energy of the place and mold it as desired.

Full body mirror in bedroom

Full-body mirrors will help move the energy of your home.archives / Getty Images

The power of mirrors in your favor

In general, all mirrors within the home help to reflect the energy that is in space, in the same way, they generate abundance and amplitude. But these tips will help you use this tool in the best way to get the most out of your mirrors.

A full-body mirror

The full-length mirrors are perfect and not only for the dressing rooms and rooms, as they can also be used as decoration in a common area within the home. These mirrors help self-understanding and improvement in all life circumstances that have to do with the emotional state which helps to improve the environment of the place.**

Small circular mirrors

Small mirrors are ideal for avoiding conflicts. Anastasiia Krivenok / Getty Images

Small mirrors for conflicts

But if you have small mirrors there is nothing to worry about as they are actually perfect for returning conflicts to their origin. An example of this is that if you have conflicting neighbors or a noisy and conflicting avenue in front of the home, you can hang one or more small mirrors in the direction of the problem and this will protect the space and return the problem to its place of origin.

Reflected common spaces

Because mirrors are great esar-related dynamizes related to water, they are believed to help energy flow. For this reason, they can have very positive effects if placed in the common areas within the home as they can help communication to be fluid. In addition, if they are placed in decorated spaces, we must ensure that they reflect “beautiful things” so that everything they reflect is beautiful and inspiring, both at the level of the space and at the level of the activities that are carried out in that space, in this way it will be enhanced to good energy of the place.

Black thin mirror

Place a mirror at the entrance of your home to activate energy.in4mal / Getty Images

Mirrors at the entrance of the home

One of the most recommended places to install a mirror, according to Feng Shui is in your hall or the entrance of your house since this helps to activate the Chi. Although it is important that it is not directly in front of the door, because it reflects the outside. That’s why the best location would be on the side walls to the front door. In addition, if your hall has a long and narrow corridor, the energy current can run too fast in this area, so it is important to fill the space to curb that energy with pictures, some furniture, or mirrors.

Energy and peace in the room

According to the ancestral beliefs of Feng shui, the best way to enhance fertility is with a round or oval mirror at the head of the bed as it can facilitate communication and inspiration. A mirror in the room is also ideal for activating dreams and recharging energy during the night.

Mirror in clean room

Remember to be careful with the location of mirrors. Martin Barraud / Getty Images

Everything you should avoid when decorating

Now that you know how to use mirrors in the best possible way to achieve an energy balance in your home, it is also important to know that there are several mistakes that must be avoided so as not to affect energy.

Never in front of the doors

For starters, mirrors should never reflect doors as it will cause energy to leak through them, but if you have no choice make sure to always keep that door closed. Also, avoid placing mirrors in front of windows.

Mirror in bedroom

Avoid putting mirrors in front of the bed as they can interfere with your rest. Scott Van Dyke / Getty Images

In the room but not in front of the bed

The mirrors inside the room can be very convenient, but you have to be careful not to put them directly in front of the bed since the mirrors stimulate and make the Chi flow directly. This means that they can attract to the bedroom an excessive amount of energy that is being fed back all night and you may not be able to rest well.

Avoid placing multiple mirrors together

If you plan to fill a large space with mirrors, it is best to opt for a large mirror because if many are placed together multiple reflections could cause disorientation of energy in the home.

Round mirror in room

Always locate the mirrors to reflect what you want to multiply.Aleksandra Zlatkovic / Getty Images

Farewell to broken or old mirrors

Although old mirrors can be stylized on some occasions, always try to decorate with new mirrors or in excellent condition, since fragmented, very old, or broken mirrors can blur and deform the image and according to Feng Shui, mirrors must reflect the images clearly and clearly.

Avoid clutter always

Finally, it is very important that the mirrors that are placed inside the home never reflect disordered areas, since the basic principle of mirrors is that they reflect and enhance everything that is in front of them. So if you want a quiet, organized, and peaceful home, be sure to direct the mirrors toward what you want to multiply within your home.

In the discipline of Feng Shui, there are many tools to attract love, good energy, and even peace, and mirrors are only one of those that can be used, but remember that you can combine the use of plants, mirrors, and even quartz to ensure that your space always has good energy.

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