How to wash your wool clothes

Although in many cases it is recommended to wash wool clothes by hand, there are specific programs in washing machines that allow the washing of this type of fabric. In this way, if you choose the right program we can wash the wool clothes in the washing machine delicately without spoiling the clothes.

However, always remember to follow the instructions on the wash label. It is advisable not to mix fabrics, so the idea is to gather all the wool garments to wash them in one.

Wool is one of the most widely used natural fibers in Europe for centuries. It is obtained, mainly, from the soft and curly hair of goats and sheep. Depending on the animal and the location of the hair, different types of quality are obtained in the wool with different fineness and lengths.

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The fiber of this type of fabric is characterized by its flake surface and its interior full of channels.

Due to its insulation capacity, it is a material that is usually used in the manufacture of winter sweaters, scarves, outerwear, or even winter suits and jackets. It is also used for home textiles, blankets, and carpets. However, it has the problem of shrinkage and rising.

That is, small knots or balls are formed on the surface of the tissue that is produced due to the friction of scales between fibers. If you want to avoid that your wool clothes shrinking or suffering from frisado, we give you a series of tips and tricks for the correct washing and care of this type of garment.

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Methods for washing woolen clothes and not being damaged

As we have mentioned, all washing machines are equipped with specific programs for wool clothes or those made with delicate materials such as leather. If not, we recommend that you never wash wool clothes at more than 30º, and always use a short program and without spinning.

This will prevent wool garments from shrinking and their fibers from deteriorating. The drum of the washing machine must be half full so that it does function correctly on all pieces of clothing. Finally, add in the washing box the indicated amount of a special detergent to wash this fabric.

If the fabric is very open or has very fine threads, mostly in sweaters, it is recommended that the washing of wool clothes be done by hand. It is also recommended to do it for other wool garments when you do not have a washing machine that has a specific program to wash wool it is best to do it by hand.

Methods for washing woolen clothes and not being damaged

To get the wool clothes in good condition, before you start washing the wool by hand, check the garment to see if it has any stains. Not all stains and dirt from wool garments can be easily removed, so we always recommend treating them beforehand.

To do so, a few drops of special detergent for wool on the stain and rub gently. Wool clothing is more delicate when wet.

Special hand washing and without damage

Special hand washing and without damage

Once the stain is treated, it must be rinsed in cold water to check that it has been removed. If it persists, the procedure must be repeated. Next, fill a bowl with cold water. The container has to be large enough so that the clothes are loose and it is comfortable for you to wash the wool garments by hand.

No more than half a stopper of some delicate detergent that is used to wash by hand in the container and introduce the garment. Stir gently so that the detergent formula penetrates between the fibers of the woolen clothes.

It is important that, when washing wool clothes by hand, the garment is not more than 3-5 minutes in the water so that the fabric does not harden. Once the piece of clothing is clean, rinse and rinse with cold water.

To eliminate excess water it is very important to avoid stretching and twisting the garment to keep the clothes in good condition. Instead, you should squeeze the garment gently, trying not to damage the fabric.

If the soap has not been completely removed, you should repeat the rinsing process in cold water.

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The fibers of wool clothing absorb a lot of water and take a lot of weight. Therefore. after washing the wool garment by hand and draining it, it is important not to hang it directly, since the entire garment would be deformed.

To dry the garment must be placed in a horizontal position. It is also recommended to roll it in a towel so that it absorbs all the remaining water and prevents the piece from giving way to the weight.

In case you do not feel safe doing it on your own you can always seek help in the laundry.

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