How to wear leather pants: the most stylish and simple combinations

We show successful combinations with universal leather pants that will easily replace your tired basic jeans and will become one of the most profitable investments in this year’s wardrobe.

Trends replace each other very quickly, and it may seem that nothing lingers on the catwalks for a long time. But even among the hottest trends that cause a stir among fashionistas, there are those that will definitely stay with us for a long time. For example, trendy leather pants, whose triumph we have been witnessing for several years. They are well known to us since the 90s – an era that absorbed all the most universal things that we have been actively wearing for three decades (and this is definitely far from the limit).

Classic leather pants for us are a real breath of fresh air. Their versatility lies in the fact that they will look equally successful in images collected from the hottest trends of the season, and in outfits with the most simple and restrained things. In addition, with the right stylization, they can even become part of the office dress code, which is usually more conservative and concise

In order for your leather pants to really be versatile and combined with things of different styles, it is better to put aside too tight skinny and make a choice in favor of freestyles – for example, straight or shortened pipe trousers. These have a wider scope of application and will definitely serve you and your wardrobe for a long time. And for inspiration, we have collected the most stylish images with leather pants and showed how they should be combined so that they become a real favorite thing for you and profitable investment.

Classic jacket

Two items of clothing, which is a single image perfectly complement each other. A jacket will make your outfit more restrained, and leather pants, on the contrary, will add peppercorns to the image. In winter, you can add a knitted turtleneck or a sweater of fine knitting to them, and in summer – a basic T-shirt.

Sports sweatshirt or hoodie

More relaxed and informal images will be obtained if a sports sweatshirt or oversize hoodie is added to leather trousers. An ideal option for weekends or those days when you want to feel as comfortable as possible and at the same time not spend a lot of time making an outfit.

Sweater or jumper

The leather looks most interesting with voluminous knitwear. Whether it is a sweater with braids, a bright jumper, or an unusual cozy vest – choose to your taste. To create timeless and classic images, bet on a neutral and restrained palette (sand, emerald, dark blue, or wine), and for the mood – the juiciest and catchy rainbow shades.


A denim jacket or shirt will also easily fit into the ensemble to leather pants, and the combination of different textures in one image will make it more interesting and stylish. By the way, a denim jacket can be combined with a hoodie, straightening the hood outwards, with an oversize shirt or your favorite sweater – in any case, it will turn out warm and cozy.

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