How women are punished in Arab countries for treason

Here reign other mores – harsh, cruel, and merciless. And even the accidentally caught look of a girl in the direction of someone else’s man will be evaluated by her relatives as an unprecedented sin.

Saudi Arabia

Eastern traditions, women's rights in the East

No Saudi woman has the right to appear on the street (always in a hijab, hiding her face) without the accompaniment of a male guardian, who is chosen from among relatives. It is he who acts as the guardian of the honor and dignity of the family. How objective the guardian is is difficult to say. However, his words are sometimes enough for a woman caught flirting with a strange man to be imprisoned. And the poor prisoner can sit there until the end of the century, as the guardian pleases. If the morality police intervened, accusing the woman of any sins and drawing up an appropriate protocol, it was considered a disgrace, an indelible stain on the reputation of the Arab family. In this case, everything ended terribly: the guilty could simply be killed. If it was a question of proven treason to her husband, the woman was waiting for a terrible execution. In the square, a crowd of angry men stoned her to death. However, recently many laws in Saudi Arabia have softened. And there is a noticeable departure from the old cruel traditions.


Eastern traditions, women's rights in the East

In Egypt – the country of pharaohs and pyramids – a woman, alas, even in the case of the infidelity of her husband has no right to fight such adultery. And if she in a fit of rage cripples him or, even worse, deprives him of life, she will face severe punishment: a multi-year prison term. The court in sentencing usually proceeds from strange considerations: a woman, they say, is created by nature in order to treat her cheating husband gently, carefully, and patiently, without harming him. But the instant reaction of the Egyptian, who convicted his wife of infidelity and shot her with a gun, is fully justified by the servants of Themis. And he could be released the day after his arrest with a vague reason: “He defended his honor.”

Đàn Bà, Bên Bờ Biển, Tiếng Ả Rập

In Jordan, Sudan, and Iraq, there is still the right of any male relative to dispose of the fate of a woman seen even in innocent flirting as he pleases. And there were many examples when the guilty of a small, one might say, an incardinated transclusion, was deprived of life. By the way, in Yemen until recently there was a wild custom: women convicted of infidelity were thrown from a high tower. If they did not die immediately, they died on bare stones in agony. However, it would be unfair not only to the Middle East, where women were mistreated. For example, in the Middle Ages, the Germans quartered the fairer sex, who cheated on their husbands, and the Spaniards simply burned them. And in Democratic America, to this day, Illinois has a law according to which an unbelievable wife and her lover, convicted of a criminal relationship, must spend one year in prison.

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