How Your Daily Routine Affects Your Life (and What You’Re Doing Wrong)

What rules should be followed in order to keep up with all the things and enjoy them?

We build a daily routine in order to have time to do all the necessary things, have a clear plan, and protect ourselves from unnecessary troubles and worries. Everyone approaches its compilation in their own way: someone keeps a diary, someone just needs to remember the planned affairs at the beginning of the day. Experts have long proved that the daily routine has a positive effect on our lives. If you still have not gathered the strength to plan your days, we suggest remembering what important changes he will bring, and most importantly – to prevent mistakes that almost every person makes.


Writing out all the cases in the diary, you, first of all, structure all the tasks, secondly, you can sensibly assess the volume and distribute it so as to maintain balance. Once you get used to starting your day with at least one habitual activity, you will not notice how you will enter the rhythm and move on to the next. Clarity and clarity will develop your self-discipline, and organization will become an integral part of life.


Thanks to daily habits, you are not distracted by extraneous matters and unnecessary thoughts, because you are focused only on those tasks that you need to perform. When you enter the rhythm, get used to the correct daily routine and routine (in the good sense of the word), you will automatically take up the following, new and necessary things that are relevant to your usual activities.

Healthy balance

The to-do list can contain not only tasks at work but also hobbies, courses, sports. Balance is necessary and important in everything, since you adhere to certain habits every day, you will easily notice unnatural changes in your measured lifestyle and discomfort. You will be able to react to them in time and reduce the appearance of stressful situations to a minimum.

Mutual understanding with yourself

Forming your own comfortable daily routine is not a quick and not always easy task. Over time, you will enter into a comfortable rhythm for yourself, through trial and error, get rid of seemingly at first glance the necessary habits, leave only the priority activities for you. The work done will help you get to know yourself, your desires, and your reactions to certain things better. Perhaps you will discover qualities in yourself that you did not even suspect before, you will deal with the positive and negative sides of the character.

But despite the fact that we try to accustom ourselves to a uniform daily routine and develop certain habits, there are common mistakes that you most likely did not think about. We propose to reconsider the approach to planning and get rid of unnecessary and unnecessary things.

Too energy-consuming morning

Many people think that the more things they have time to do in the morning, the more productive the rest of the day will be. This view is erroneous. How you spend the morning does affect the future, but that stretch of the day shouldn’t stretch for hours and waste too much of your energy. Use the morning in order to calmly wake up, get into a rhythm, and without haste to tune in for the day, adjust the list of important things. If you constantly try to do as much as possible, then after a while you will feel tired, not cheerful, the body will experience stress. Start the day should be measured and in a good mood. Prepare breakfast, do a little exercise, do not rush yourself, and do not force yourself to perform a huge amount of work.

Minute-by-minute layout

It is not necessary to paint plans for the next day or week with the indication of the exact time limits. Perhaps you think that in this way you further discipline yourself and stimulate, because you have to finish the case by a certain hour, but, in fact, you only drive yourself into a framework that does not always play to your advantage. First, no one knows exactly what will happen tomorrow, the situation can change every second and not only through your fault. Secondly, if you understand that you do not have time to cope with the volume (not because you unscrupulously perform duties, but because the volume of tasks was too large), seeing that there is only an hour left to complete, you will subconsciously begin to try to catch up and will not pay attention to the quality of work or get upset and try to postpone everything for the next day. The next time you make a plan, write down the task without specifying the time, then you will not be limited and constrained by anything. The flexibility of the schedule is one of the most important factors, it will allow you to adjust the usual classes to today and at the same time not forget about their implementation.

Only one option

In order for you not to feel completely subordinate to your own plans, try to give yourself a few activities to choose from. For example, if you are used to exercising every Wednesday morning, it is not necessary to come to the same class in a particular gym. You can replace monotonous physical activity with a trip to a new dance studio or immerse yourself in the world of yoga. Create alternatives that you can do, and allow yourself to choose what you want right now, while at the same time adhering to the established daily routine. Thus, you will remain in good shape, but each time you will try something new.

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