In Color: What the Shades of Your Wardrobe Mean

Have you ever thought that the colors that can be found in your wardrobe can tell a lot about you? It turns out that the shades of clothing are a reflection of character and attitude to life, and also affect the mood, energy and perception of you by other people. We found out what each color that has settled in your wardrobe means.


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Many girls are crazy about black. This color will never go out of fashion: it goes to almost any type of appearance and looks harmonious on any figure. In addition, black is a kind of uniform for people who are somehow connected with the world of fashion. A small black dress is generally considered one of the most attractive things in a woman’s wardrobe. Also, black is especially popular with movie and cartoon villains. For many, it is associated with gloom and gothic, but in fact, it is a symbol of strength and power. Black in clothing indicates seriousness (especially in an interview or interview), but at the same time it is associated in many cultures with mourning. A wardrobe overflowing with black things may indicate a lack of imagination of its owner. Even if you are literally in love with black, we advise you to dilute it with other shades. Small enough: accessories of saturated colors will significantly revive the image.


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Blue is the color of stability and trust. The girl, whose wardrobe consists of clothes of heavenly shades, personifies these qualities. At the same time, she is constantly looking for them in other people. A set of indigo shades or dark inks is a great option for interviews or important meetings, because blue, first of all, is associated with peace and tranquility. The brightness of blue is also of great importance: cornflower or sapphire in the wardrobe speak of cheerfulness and energy, and pale blue is a symbol of femininity and softness. By the way, this is one of the most fashionable colors of 2021!


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Brown color gives out in its owner a person reliable and conscientious. That’s because brown is associated with natural shades of earth and wood. Despite a large number of shades of brown, it is still not recommended to wear it yourself – too boring and predictable. But it goes well with most of the colors of the circular spectrum, especially with green and blue.


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The green color is usually chosen by creative natures with a rich imagination and inexhaustible energy. For most people, green is associated with nature, tranquility, and peace. Nevertheless, this color is considered not so simple, and even dangerous: not all girls know how to correctly select green things to their type of appearance. There’s a little secret to how to avoid a miss. Attach a thing to yourself and look in the mirror: if the shade of the eyes has become brighter, and the skin has acquired an even tone and “glow” – the choice is made correctly. If the dress or top stands out and contrasts against your background, and the complexion has acquired a painful appearance, such a thing should be put away.


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White – first of all, youth, innocence, vitality, and energy. This color is associated with perfection and influence. A girl who wears white clothes has very high self-esteem and is not afraid of someone else’s opinion. True, it should have another important quality: cleanliness. When white turns gray or yellow, there can be no question of any sense of superiority!


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Red attracts a lot of attention. It is the color of vivacity, love, aggression, and sexuality. It is proved that a girl in red is much more likely to become an object of male attention than a girl in clothes of any other shade. Scarlet is able to improve brain function due to the small blood flow that it causes in the body. A girl who prefers red to any other color is aware and knows how to use her attractiveness. True, red has other – extremely opposite – meanings, such as danger and aggression. Accent red can aggravate the situation during disputes or quarrels – you need to be careful with it.


Photo #7 - In color: what do the shades of your wardrobe mean

Girls who prefer purple shades are feminine, mysterious, and prone to mysticism. Many people associate this color with wealth and luxury. So, if you want to make the right impression, choose outfits of deep purple or violet shades. Many believe that purple clothing is directly related to financial well-being. Ambitious people and people who are interested in the money issue often choose things of this color, perhaps without even realizing it. Perhaps it’s time to try the beneficial effects of purple!

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