Intelligence: these habits have to boost your brain

While intelligence can hardly be quantifiable (no, just because you know everything about one area doesn’t mean you’re smarter than another), it can still be improved every day. By reading obviously, but also but simple habits.

Walk 10 minutes a day

The American media Grey Journal recommends walking about ten minutes a day at measured intensity. Indeed, walking outside your home, in a park, or on the banks of a river for example allows better reflection and decision-making that can pay off.

Clearing your mind is essential in a period marked by lockdowns. In addition, the weekly practice of a physical activity is also more than advisable for better health. This can be walking, swimming or even going to a gym.

年輕的女跑步者綁她的鞋子準備慢跑在早晨 - walking 個照片及圖片檔

Plan your days

Take the time to fill your schedule in your agenda. An arranged schedule is a liberated mind.

On an active day is about ten hours, the time of your awakening and your work, it is not possible to do everything or do everything for as much time as you want. It is therefore necessary to store everything in advance in a defined niche (sport, racing, leisure).

確保所有的東西都填滿了 - plan your day 個照片及圖片檔

Do exercises for the brain

If physical activity remains essential for your health, the daily practice of exercises for your brain is also important. As Grey Journalwisely advises, put a strain on your main muscle by offering games like Sudoku, learning new things every day (this can involve a new language or reading new books). Make sure your brain has new information to remember in the evening before going to bed.

男孩和導師一起學習。家庭教育概念。祖母與外婆。私人課程概念。學齡前兒童和祖母一起上課。幸福的家庭小學背景 - learning new language 個照片及圖片檔

A good diet

So, it seems a bit like a boat said like that. It obviously makes sense to eat well, but it is not always easy to understand that you must also have sufficient consumption. In the morning, a simple fruit with a dairy product may be enough for you for the coming hours before lunch.

In the evening, do not eat too much, it will prevent you from sleeping properly. Do not obviously skip any meal, because it is extremely difficult, even dangerous, to go do a task on an empty stomach. Eat better yes, but eat enough, no excess.

一個年輕的亞洲婦女把沙拉遞給桌子。 - a good diet 個照片及圖片檔

Less anxiety-provoking information

On social networks, which have become in recent years a must to have, while it would sometimes be better to do without it, we have regularly been confronted with bad news: deaths, pandemics, accidents, etc.

Your brain records this anxiety-provoking information. To remedy this somewhat dark climate, you can follow positive, funny, even inspiring accounts. This “good news” may not have any effect on you at first, but in the long run, these healthy intakes will do you good.

登山者張開雙臂在山頂上慶祝。 - inspiring 個照片及圖片檔
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