It is dissolved in a house stress fragrant soap

“When I was busy and had time to look back on myself, that was the time to wash. It’s a time when you can press the stop button, watch the soap melt and change shape, and you can spend it short but without thinking about it,” said Jo Han-ah, ceo of lifestyle brand Hanazo.

The covid-19 increased the time spent at home, but rather the house’s main function of “rest” disappeared. As working from home became a daily routine, the house became an office, a parenting scene, and an indoor gymnasium. In the sense that the layers were stacked, the new word “layered grooves” was also developed. Then, before I go to sleep, I always feel like this. “Oh, I want some rest!”

New World International Frequent, Hanajo, Weightless Studio, Laburquette, Santa Maria Novella, Soaps in the Eastern Garden. Yoon Dong-gil (Studio Adapter)

©: Hankyore New World International Day Frequent, Hanajo, Weightless Studio, Laburquette, Santa Maria Novella, Soaps from the Eastern Garden. Yoon Dong-Gil (Studio Adapter)

It’s a time when you’re exhausted without having to go outside the house, and you need a break. In the meantime, solid soap has been used mainly by people who care about the environment because it emits less plastic waste. In recent years, however, soap consumption has spread, with the MZ generation oriented towards value consumption. Hundreds of solid soaps are searched in the online shopping malls that are popular with the Emjet generation, such as ‘W Concept’ and ‘Atheist’.

Shinsegae International, which released the solid soap “Frequent Zero Bar” in June, has sold its planned sales for five months in a month. “80% of our customers are in their 20s and 30s, and the market for solid soap is growing around them,” explained an official at Shinsegae International.

"Soap Exhibition" conducted by Sustainable Lifestyle WebZine "Choice". Soyun Shin

©: “Soap Exhibition” conducted by Hanyore Sustainable Lifestyle WebZine ‘Options’. Soyun ShinLet’s protect the earth, and we will keep it

The ‘big hands’ who lead the solid soap market are those who are sensitive to environmental issues. It is also held as a soap exhibition with eco-friendly. Sustainable Lifestyle Webzine up to 25 days

The “Soap Exhibition” is an exhibition that should be noted by those who choose soap in the context of the environment. On the 14th, I found myself at the Seongnam-dong Exhibition Hall in Guangdong-gu, Seoul, and enjoyed more than 70 soaps from 11 brands, from cleansing soaps to shampoo bars and rinse bars, washing dishes, and soaps for pets. Brands such as “Donggu Field” “Aromatica” and “Tone28” were easy to buy, “Tmantman” was popular with vegans, and “Space Line”, which was created in a small-town community but had a mania.

The representative of the Lim So-Hyung “Tomorrow Mansa” cooperative, which planned the exhibition, stated his intention to plan the project, saying, “There is nothing as easily accessible as soap when we want to practice zero-waisted.” The soaps selected as exhibits are free of plastic packaging and do not use materials produced by nature, such as palm oil. Lim, who actively recommends soap in his daily life, made a suggestion that would be perfect for the ears of those who lingered. “Everyone remembers that when you remove the used shampoo bottle, no matter how much you rinse it in water, the bubbles keep coming out and you’re annoyed. Where does that bother to go away?”

New World International Solid Soap Often Zero Bar. Yoon Dong-gil (Studio Adapter)

© offers Hankyore New World International Solid Soap Frequent Zero Bar. Yoon Dong-Gil (Studio Adapter)Up to the fun of making your own

I decided to write my own soap to experience the causes of its popularity. Purchased from Hanazzo, the per gram is literally a piece of soap of any weight from 100 to 500 grams. The brand’s soaps, as pretty as crafts, have a dilemma instead of beautiful. Sculptural soaps that are smoothed out. At first, these soaps were shared by the company’s representatives’ families and acquaintances, but they were increasing production and soon became difficult to handle. The CEO decided to sell soaps that differ in shape but have no problems using them at an affordable price under the name Pergram. Some of the proceeds will be donated to environmental organizations.

When I unpacked the package wrapped in paper, various shapes of soap came into my eyes. Rather than being useless, the soap pieces looked more like imaginary pieces, including cylindrical columns, flower shapes, and atypical cubes. The fun colors and shapes gave me a sense of rhythm in the shower.

The shampoo bar of weightless studio which I made by hand. Yoon Dong-gil (Studio Adapter)

©: A shampoo bar from Weightless Studio that you can make yourself. Yoon Dong-Gil (Studio Adapter)Opened another courier box. This time, we ordered a shampoo bar kit from the soap workshop “Zero Gravity Studio”. The box contained powder and liquid materials, several small medicine canisters, plastic packs, and paper bags. The recipe is done by mixing all the ingredients and making them into shapes by hand. “I’ll take care of everything else I saw in the manual I read when I purchased the product. Please have 10 minutes.” As a child, I touched the earth and made it, and it was a little regretful 10 minutes later.

After two days of drying, I tried the shampoo bar. At first, I was worried that my hair would get tangled and messy with the soap after I wrapped it, and that my hair would become stiff. It was a fine worry. I used soap in the soap net that came with the kit, so my hair would not stick to the soap. When the hair was wet, it was stiffer than usual, but after drying it felt smoother than usual.

Weightless Studio's vegan soap. Courtesy of Weightless Studio

©: Vegan soap from Weightless Studio. Courtesy of Weightless StudioAll soaps made in weightless studios does not use palm oil and animal ingredients. Palm oil extracted from oil palm trees is a commonly used ingredient in the production of soaps, shampoos, sweets, etc., but there is controversy in the production process, such as the destruction of rainforests. “When I run a soap workshop, I learn a lot from customers who are trying to bring containers and store things or even paper packaging,” said Cho Yu-jin, CEO of The Zero Gravity Studio studio in Sangam-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul, on 28 June.

The next day, I also tried a solid treatment bar from Donggu Field, a soap brand I bought for coverage. Depending on the skin and the skin, the usability is different, but Eureka! I seemed to find the right product at once. The hair that was stuck in the back of the finger when swiped down softened. I also liked the soft foam and the cleansing of the shampoo. I felt that this might be a break from the new experience and helpless routine of something small but handmade.

Hanajo's soap chips. Courtesy of Hanajo

©: A pair of soap chips. Courtesy of HanajoSoap by Santa Maria Novella, Labruquet. Yoon Dong-gil (Studio Adapter)

© courtesy of Midwinter Santa Maria Novella, Labruquet’s soap. Yoon Dong-Gil (Studio Adapter)Small and fragrant luxury for me

The market for solid soaps grows and high-quality soaps are popular. Soaps from Santa Maria Novella, Jomalon, and Deeptique, the leading brands of Nichi fragrances for the few, are priced at between 20,000 and 40,000 won each year, but they are growing in popularity with the “small luxury” craze every year. According to New World International, comparing sales between January and June this year and the same period last year, Santa Maria Novella grew 61 percent and Labruquet increased by 40 percent.

Over the past two weeks, I’ve experienced a variety of soaps, and I’ve come to mind one of the people who said, “If you want to decorate your hotel bathroom, don’t spend money on anything else, buy soap and try it.” Soaping naturally meant that jagged plastic tubs could be organized and decorated with clean bathrooms. Enjoy your own vacation in the bathroom of your home, a time when you can wash your body slowly without being disturbed by anyone. A small soap can give you surprisingly much.

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