It’s time to stop believing that you have to solve everything before New Year’s Eve

Don’t worry about what you didn’t get this year, you have more opportunities ahead for that and more!

The New Year’s Eve celebration can be very exciting but also scary. The days leading up to this one feel like a kind of limbo in which we all recapitulate what we experienced.

This is sometimes overwhelming, especially when you realize that you have a few days left to settle accounts and finish fulfilling everything you wrote down in your list of purposes.

The truth is that we have had quite atypical years thanks to the pandemic that at times seems to subside and at others, which has no end. So it’s completely normal for you to feel like you’ve somehow stagnated or didn’t accomplish anything important. Don’t be so yourself!

It’s time for you to stop believing that you have to solve everything before the twelve chimes.

You have to allow yourself to rest, give yourself a break, and above all, stop living trying to meet other people’s expectations.

You may think that you did not do much, that you missed many goals, and that you are not at the level of others but you know what? Never mind! Now you have another 365 days ahead of you and you may even be presented with opportunities that you did not expect.

It’s okay not to have an answer to everything right now. It’s okay if you left something unfinished and it’s okay if you took a total pause to something you thought you’d have resolved today.

It is common to feel in a labyrinth with no way out when on social networks you only see people succeeding, realizing their dreams, and building what seems like a perfect life. The reality is that you do not know the whole picture so living assuming that others have everything figured out is torture.

Now that we are about to start New Year remember this:

Nothing is certain. Life is a roller coaster or as Forrest Gump would say: “a box of chocolates in which you never know what is going to touch you”. The key is how you handle uncertainty.

It doesn’t have to be all perfect. Society has put so much pressure on us to look and be a certain way that we think we will never be enough. Pursuing perfection is a double-edged sword, it distracts us from the real goal, which is to figure out how to be happy in the midst of imperfection. The more you worry about pleasing others, the less you will take advantage of the day-to-day and the less you will solve things.

You can’t make others change if they don’t want to. Everyone is fighting their own battles and no matter how much you love someone, you can’t help them if they don’t want to. It is not your job to save everyone, nor are you responsible for their emotions or decisions. You can be a support or a motor but never a savior because that will only end up draining your energy.

The only thing you have under control is yourself. We are all different and what works for one person may not work for another. The only thing that matters is that you know what’s good for you. You cannot control the way others act and react and you must not allow others to control you. Everything you do should be by and for you.

Stop comparing your life to others. What for some is happiness and fulfillment, maybe for you, it is not. Stop thinking that you are doing everything wrong because there will always be someone who thinks that you are the one who is having all the success and perfect life. It will always be you who is inspiring someone else right now. Focus on doing what makes you feel good because being happy is also part of finding the solution to life.

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