J.Lo and Sandra Bullock hold the key to making your look reflect how powerful you are

Sandra Bullock and J.Lo are two of the most beautiful and glamorous women in the show.

Women have shown that we can conquer the world with just one look. Finally, we are breaking with those ideas that we have no chance of reaching important positions or becoming adjectives beyond how “sweet” we are.

There is no such thing as the “weaker sex” and Sandra Bullock and Jennifer Lopez have made it clear. Both women have conquered with their beauty but above all with their talent.

And even if you don’t dedicate yourself like them to the spectacle (or you do), you can take them as an example of how to make the world see how powerful you are.

As women, we have the possibility to demonstrate that we are leaders, entrepreneurs, and successful through our skills and achievements but also our look. And although this is only a façade, it can say much more than we think.

sandra bullock and jennifer lopez

Use colors to your advantage

It’s time to take color psychology seriously to potentiate your look. For centuries, colors have been used to define a person’s status as well as to persuade and conquer. All the elements we use will have a meaning according to the color, even if they are in neutral tones.

White, for example, represents purity or innocence but also freshness and security. Demonstrates openness, growth, and creativity. It also offers a sense of peace and calm and creates a sense of order and efficiency, a great help if you need to get your life in order.

The Bronx Diva usually resorts a lot to white for her formal outfits which undoubtedly makes her look like a businesswoman.

jennifer lopez

Red is a color that usually intimidates because of how vibrant it is, however, you must remove your fear and look for combinations that include it. Sandra usually wears this color when she has important events, which undoubtedly makes her stand out in a positive way.

The color red is passionate, warm, vibrant. It is considered a color that, compared to the rest of the colors, provokes the strongest emotions. The women who wear it are considered much more attractive and passionate which undoubtedly makes them dominant and powerful.

sandra bullock

Always have at least one blazer in your closet

Nothing screams more “power” than a custom blazer. It is a staple of the wardrobe that every woman should have. It makes you feel like a boss the moment you put it on and best of all, it can be combined with different elements to put together different looks. wear it over tight office pants or jeans and heels for a business date away or any other occasion when you want to look sophisticated.

sandra bullock

Don’t be afraid of prints

Sometimes we are left with the idea that to reflect seriousness and power we have to opt for plain garments. The reality is that betting on prints can increase the fun factor of your outfit, which in turn makes you feel more confident. Try eye-catching patterns in different silhouettes for the easy, effortless shot.

jennifer lopez

Bet on the color block from time to time

Combining bright and unexpected colors in the same outfit seems like a crazy idea but one that Sandra Bullock has adapted very well. Don’t know where to start? You can try a red jacket over a pink blouse. If that’s too intimidating, opt for a plaid dress or skirt with different interwoven colors.

Red and purple are usually colors that make a perfect match (Princess Diana herself bet on it). It is an avant-garde look and sure to make you feel more powerful than ever.

sandra bullock

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