Jennifer Lopez: her eating habits to maintain her dream figure

Time seems to have no hold on Jennifer Lopez’s body… At the age of 52, J-Lo displays a dream figure in his music videos and on Instagram: but what is his secret?© Backgrid UK/ Bestimage

Who doesn’t dream of getting older like Jennifer Lopez? A few days ago, on the occasion of her birthday, the singer and actress unveiled several photos and videos of her in a two-piece swimsuit… Images that the latter captioned as follows: “52… That’s what it feels like!” Obviously, many internet users reacted to this post which accumulates more than 8 million likes! The reason? The latter wanted to compliment en masse the dream body of the beautiful J-Lo. At 52 years old, the latter seems literally 30 less… And this is not only related to good genetics. It’s no secret that the performer of “Jenny from the block” is addicted to sports! In addition to spending almost every day in the room, the latter also has an irreproachable diet.

“She’s careful about what she eats because she needs very good fuel to do everything she does, “her personal coach Tracy Anderson revealed in People magazine. “Everything is organic and everything is very well thought out, with a balance between very high-quality proteins and a lot of nutrient-rich foods,” he said. Egg white, white turkey meat, chicken breast, grass-fed beef… The beautiful brunette fills up with protein every day. The latter also eats fish, including sea bass or salmon rich in omega-3 and 6. As for condiments and especially vegetables, Jennifer Lopez has her preferences. “She favors leafy vegetables and avoids carrots and corn, due to the higher sugar content,” her coach Dodd Romero details in People magazine. The latter also eats sweet potatoes, brown rice, quinoa, rice bread, and oatmeal when it is not in the “carbohydrate-free” period. Finally, once a week, J-Lo allows himself a “cat meal” so as not to get frustrated. “I still eat some of the foods I love, but in moderation. I do not deprive myself”, she declared, still to our colleagues of People, several months ago… A healthy diet, in a healthy body!

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