Kaolin, the natural ingredient for an oily complexion that promises to end blackheads

People with a tendency to have oily skin usually have greater complications in keeping excess fat at bay. That is why finding the best ally to deal with the appearance of black spots and bright areas of the face is almost the daily bread. Among the list of star products for this type of skin is aloe vera or activated charcoal; however, today we want to introduce you to another natural ingredient that is already included in many beauty products.

We refer to kaolin or also known as white clay. An input with which we can show off much healthier skin without the presence of excessive sebum. The best known are the clays in the masks to take full advantage of the benefits of this ingredient.

What is white clay or kaolin?

This is a type of clay or magnesium silicate that we find in nature by breaking down feldspathic stones, but that can also be obtained in laboratories. Its use for aesthetic purposes is reflected in the world of makeup, cleaning, or medicines.

Clay is one of the most used elements because it is quite friendly to the skin without leaving adverse effects. Its formula helps to curb the fat of the face and eliminate excess impurities in the skin. The frequency of use will depend on each patient and therefore it is always advisable to have the advice of a dermatologist in the first instance.

Dermatologist Ranella Hirsch told Vogue that “one of the most common ways we see it used is as a mask treatment for people with oily skin or prone to rashes.”

Specialists recommend not to abuse the product because although suitable for all skin types it is preferable not to abuse so as not to incite the skin to dry out as much as if you have a dehydrated dermis. In case of using it as a mask, it is only necessary to obtain a paste with powder that you can apply between 10 to 15 minutes and then rinse with plenty of water. To enhance its effect you can combine it with other ingredients such as yogurt or milk.

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