Keeping an open bottle of wine: 5 tips and 5 mistakes to avoid

5 tips 1. Reseal it well, immediately after service

There are airtight glass caps that are perfectly suited to a standard neck and are also very practical. And if you have opted for a wine with a screw cap, it’s even better!

2. Vacuum

If you have a pump to vacuum the bottle, this is ideal. Especially if there is less than half of the wine left. The more air there is enclosed, the more the risk of oxidation looms. Once the air is removed from the bottle, you can keep it for two to three more days in the cool.

3. Place it in the refrigerator

The cold preserves food and especially wine. Do not forget to take it out then 30 minutes before the service so that it rises quietly to the desired temperature.

4. Avoid any light source

Especially for whites and champagnes because it is all the more detrimental to them. The door of the refrigerator is therefore the place of retreat all found.

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5. Recycle it into wine vinegar or cooking

And if despite everything, you still have a wine background that you do not want to finish, you can always start a wine vinegar and add your leftovers as you go. Otherwise, you can also use the wine remaining in the kitchen: the better the wine, the better the sauce!

5 mistakes to avoid 1. Put the cork back

Once removed from the neck, throw it away. Or keep it as a souvenir if it is an anthology bottle whose name and year are engraved on the cork. It is better not to put the cork back on because you may introduce bacteria into the bottle.

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2. Leave the bottle on the kitchen table at room temperature

Light and heat are sworn enemies that will get the better of your wine.

3. Place a spoon in the neck of a bottle of champagne

This is a rumor that continues to run, completely inaccurate and useless. The gas will inexorably escape; only a champagne cork will properly close your bottle.

Close up of pouring red wine into a glass outdoors. Close up of a couple drinking wine outdoors while man is pouring it into a glass. bottle of wine stock pictures, royalty-free photos & images

4. Leave the wine in a carafe

Especially if there is a significant amount left (more than half), it is better to put the wine back in the bottle, because the decanter, more flared, may oxidize it faster.

5. Do not throw away a corked bottle

Unfortunately, it is no longer of any use, not even in the kitchen.

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