Kindergarten teacher named the 10 most unpleasant parental habits

It’s about British parents. But ours also sin like that – apparently, all moms and dads in the world are the same.

Russia or America, Israel or Italy: in all countries, parents need to work, and their children need to go to kindergarten. And, despite some nuances associated with the mentality, the essence of the process does not change anywhere: kids spend almost more time in kindergarten than at home. They eat, sleep, learn, play. Educators do everything to help children, but some parents (and this is also the same in all countries) sometimes only complicate their lives.

How they do it, the publication The Sun told the founder of one of the kindergartens Sharon Birch.

They bring children in pajamas and come in this form themselves.

Do not believe it, this happens often. For a wrapped mother, sometimes throwing a jacket over pajamas or homemade elongated tripods to run to the garden is the absolute norm. But educators are not happy about it.

“I understand that you could be insanely in a hurry. But this, firstly, looks ugly, and secondly – you set a bad example for children, “says the teacher.

And they also bring children in pajamas. Like, what a difference – he will still change into clothes for the group.

bé trai dễ thương, khoảnh khắc sau khi anh ấy thức dậy - going to kindergarten in pyjamas hình ảnh sẵn có, bức ảnh & hình ảnh trả phí bản quyền một lần

Forget spare clothes

This is especially true for nurseries, where the kids have not yet fully mastered the pot, and also do not know how to eat neatly. If there are no panties or tights in the locker of the crumbs, it will be a disaster.

And in the locker must be a raincoat and rubber boots, as well as waterproof pants.

“Childhood is walking in puddles, digging in the mud, drawing, and walking in any weather. There is no inappropriate weather, there are inappropriate clothes,” says Sharon.

Saying goodbye in the locker room for too long

Do not think that if you have a child in a group, then you need to hug and kiss him 100 times so that he does not get very upset. Educators’ long goodbyes are very unnerving. First, the child does not have time to prepare for breakfast or classes. Secondly, you prevent it from developing.

“Worrying about parting is a normal stage of development,” the expert says. As soon as your child is called by a tutor, you should leave. Long goodbyes will not bring anything good to you or the child.”

They leave slowly while the child is distracted.

This is the other extreme: if the baby reluctantly breaks up with his mother, she jumps out of the locker room with a bullet as soon as he is distracted for a second. Like, educators will find what to say and how to calm down. Imagine, the baby turns, and the mother is gone.

“In such cases, their fear only intensifies,” says the teacher. “They don’t feel safe. Therefore, we must always say goodbye, and then leave, despite the roar. “All parents do this: what do not like in the behavior of adult educators in kindergartens


With educators about other educators and parents, with parents about them. Groups of mothers “of interest” in the morning can be seen near any kindergarten.

“If you have something urgent and important, you can go and talk to the head. And we hear it all a hundred times and in a circle. We have no desire to discuss anyone and be the objects of gossip. Our job is to look after your children.”

Do not disassemble the things of the child

The locker may have wet or dirty clothes from yesterday, used diapers. Even the personal belongings of parents, who sometimes perceive the children’s locker as a personal spare storage space.

“I once found a bottle of wine in a child’s locker. Mom decided to hide it until the evening so as not to carry her to work.”

Do not warn if the child is sick

Sharon is referring to two situations. The first is when you are already sick and did not come to the kindergarten. Then the educators have to call on their own and find out what happened.

But that’s half the trouble. It’s worse when you bring a child knowing in advance that he is not well. Or forget to warn that he needs to take medication.

“We understand that you have a busy schedule, that you should not miss work. But would it be better if we call you in the middle of the working day and talk about the temperature or something else bad, “Sharon asks rhetorically?

cậu bé bị sốt - going to kindergarten in pyjamas hình ảnh sẵn có, bức ảnh & hình ảnh trả phí bản quyền một lần

Do not warn who is taking the child today

Educators know mom, dad, grandmother. Their papers indicate who has the right to take the child from kindergarten. But if suddenly it turned out that someone new takes him, this should, at least, be warned. Otherwise, the baby will not be released with a stranger, and they will be absolutely right.

“We will never allow a child to leave with someone without permission,” Sharon said. “We’re going to have to call our parents.”


And, both in the morning and in the evening. And it gives everyone a lot of inconveniences.

“If your child is late in the morning, he misses part of the classes. And that could knock him out for the rest of the day. In addition, a child who comes in the midst of something distracts everyone else, “the teacher explains.

Well, if you are late in the evening, then you are waiting not only for a tired upset child but also for a teacher who has to linger. There’s not much to do with that.

Give with you to the garden sweets

It’s not good for a variety of reasons. First, the child, having eating candy, refuses to have breakfast or lunch. Secondly, he may try to treat them to another child who is allergic. Caregivers are not ready to answer for this.

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