Lessons from celebrities to stop worrying about the passing of the years

Stop seeing your years as a condemnation and do what makes you happy.

Society is very good at judging us and putting pressure on our image and who we are. It is not strange to feel overwhelmed every time our birthday arrives and we remember that the clock does not stop.

Everywhere you hear that “you are already older”, “how lucky you are not to look your age” and immediately question yourself if you have done enough to say that you are really full and happy.

If the celebrities have taught us anything, it is that we must stop being carried away by what others expect of us because everyone has their own meaning of happiness and fulfillment.

Do what makes you happy, away from expectations


Thalia shows that age is just a number and that we don’t have to behave in a “certain way” when we reach 50.

The singer has done what she wanted no matter what they say and her content on social networks is proof of this. Remember it became a viral hit for that video of “do you hear me, do you listen to me, do you feel me?” Before society, it is unacceptable for a woman to ridicule herself in this way but that does not worry Thalía because it is a way in which she takes care of worries and enjoys life.


The singer has always been characterized by her free spirit, showing everyone that women do not have to behave “in a certain way” as we add years. She continues to sing, dance and be happy in her own way, without worrying about what they will say. Proof of this are his funny videos on social networks.

“It doesn’t bother me that they tell me fifty because I haven’t lived my life in numbers for years. I’m not interested in living in it. I’m happy to be at this stage of my life with so much joy, with health, with mine, doing what I love which is entertaining my people.”

Learn to prioritize your physical and mental health

adamari lópez

For Adamari Lopez it was important to make a change in his lifestyle and shortly before reaching 50, he decided to start his own challenge to lose weight. The Hoy Día host decided she had to do it to take care of her physical health and feel better mentally.

And it is that beyond the size or numbers that the scale registers, she has learned that being at peace with her body is one of the keys to being happy and preserving your vitality even over the years.

If the Gold Plate teaches us anything with its process, it is that prioritizing your physical and mental health will never be a selfish act, on the contrary, it is self-love.

Accept the changes and embrace the years “well lived”

salma hayek

“I am so grateful and proud for each of my 54 years,” Salma wrote on her +last birthday.

Salma Hayek is one of the sexiest women in the industry but she has also raised the name of Mexico with her histrionic talent. She has always remained authentic and on several occasions has come to show how the passage of time is reflected in her body.

On Instagram, we can find photographs of Salma proudly wearing her gray hair, which she says are “wisdom”. It has also been seen without makeup, revealing that it also has wrinkles and the so-called “crow’s feet”, something that we should stop feeling ashamed of.

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