Looks with basic garments that will make you look a million dollars

That saying of “less is more” has never made so much sense.

We all need inspiration when we do not know what to wear and for those moments, nothing better than resorting to looks with basic garments because they will never leave us bad and we do not have to make great efforts.

We could say that they are our lifelines when fashion crises approach, but better than that, they are also economic pieces, which you will get a lot out of, you can use all year round and they will give you a very sophisticated image.

With a blazer

look blazer jeans
The blazer gives a touch of elegance to your casual look.- Pinterest Woman Today.

Not in vain if we review the way of dressing of great references such as Carolina Herrera or Victoria Beckham we will find that it is simple, but at the same time they look classy.

They rely on these timeless garments that make a good figure, such as a blazer in neutral tones that you can wear from the office, a date or to see your friends. Mix it with a jean for a casual look and it will be a success.

For the summer

atuendos con jeans rotos
Accessories can elevate a basic look.- Pinterest.

But now that we are in the days where the heat is raging and the outfits become more relaxed, bet on a feminine blouse and torn jeans. The special point will be put by your seasonal accessories: a bandana in your hair and a mini bag will be more than enough.

Trends + basic

look camiseta con hombreras
This mix will always work for you.- Pinterest.

In that same line of the sober and glamorous image, dare to combine in your looks basic garments with those that are fashionable, such as muscle tee, that is, t-shirts with shoulder pads that returned to give a masculine touch to our looks. White pants and low sandals will do the rest.

Cowboys to the rescue

looks con prendas básicas
It is not necessary to wear many garments to look good.- Pinterest Estilo Ennia.

Vogue recommends a combination as classic as successful: a sweater with a plain color and the jeans that best figure make you, especially if these are wide since they are the model that is fashionable since the beginning of 2021. The ‘flare jeans’ will give a retro and stylized air to your image.

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