Scandinavian runes: how to change your life (and not harm yourself)

What meanings do the runes have in futhark? How to work through your problems with the help of layouts and predict the future? Can runes be used as talismans? And is it worth learning practices on the Internet? We answer the most common questions about runes in our material.

Modern man lives in a stressful world. He faces a lot of emotional stress. Too often we worry, fear, solve important issues, other people’s tasks, and forget about ourselves, about our inner comfort. Our life is facilitated by a lot of useful gadgets, but we do not become happier from this. And when it becomes indigestible, we turn to a specialist for psychological support. Today there is a large selection of techniques: from classical psychoanalysis to theta-healing. But today we decided to figure out how you can find harmony with yourself and with the world with the help of Scandinavian runes.

What do you need to know about Scandinavian runes?

Scandinavian runes are natural symbols that can open person access to healing energy. And the man himself is part of nature. Behind the runes are the Higher Powers of the Scandinavian Pantheon. Therefore, when a person resorts to runes, he turns directly to the Gods.

There are two systems of using the Scandinavian futhark (alphabet). The first type is when there are 24 runes in it, and the second is 25 runes. The difference is in one rune called: “Bird”, “Rune of Odin” or “Empty Rune”. Some practitioners believe that this is not a rune, but just a spare die. Because according to legend, a bag with runes was found, and in it it was present. Since then, the opinion of practitioners differs on how many runes the Scandinavian futhark contains.

There is no main or main rune in futhark. And it does not depend on how much and according to what system the practice works. They are all unique, different, and important because each rune carries a certain meaning and energy. For example, the direct meaning of the rune “Fehu” is “livestock”, and at the same time, it is a symbol of the material world of man. And the rune “Laguz” means “intuition”. And it’s like a stream that’s useful to learn to trust. In other words, all runes reflect important components of our lives. That is why there is no main rune in futhark – they are all equal.

How to work with runes safely and effectively?

There are different systems of using Scandinavian runes: runic stave, formulas, rites, conspiracies, and more. But we will tell you about a system that works without harm to a person and his descendants – this is a healing system. Because runes are a spiritual and esoteric path. It’s a deep work with yourself and the root cause of what’s bothering you.

In this practice, first and foremost, work is carried out with a person who turns to the Master. The work takes place with his reactions, his condition, his attitude to his past experiences, his attitudes, and programs that were inherited from his ancestors. Runes help to find these causes in a person. While working with the Master, a person begins to recall long-forgotten events, experiences. Thus, he receives information about the root causes of his problem, thereby the consciousness of a person begins to change. And as a result of this, the world around him naturally changes, and in the most favorable way. After all, if a person does not have something, then the reason is in himself. It’s not magic — it’s a pattern. It’s like going to the gym: the buttocks won’t pump up the first time. And magic lies in the way in which in a person’s life appears what he dreamed of. That’s what we should be thankful for.

This work takes place exclusively at the direct request of a person. For example, a girl comes to the Master with the query “love relationship”. And in this case, the Masterworks exclusively with it: with its causes, attitudes, generic programs. The master helps her with the help of runes to understand and work out why she has not yet met a loving person in a “natural” way.

When the client talks about his problem, the Master begins to make certain layouts. In order to understand the reason for the emergence of an exciting situation, why the girl has not met a still loving and beloved partner. The consultation takes place in the form of a dialogue with the client because the runes in the layout begin to direct to the root cause of the exciting problem. Looking at the situation, the Wizard asks certain questions. For example, asking for a story about past relationship experiences, or relationships with a father, mother, or what kind of repetitive, cyclical situation occurs from relationship to relationship from generation to generation. Thus, having designated the topic, the master can conduct a healing session with the help of runes. The session gives a study of the root cause of the exciting problem. After which a person changes his reaction, his attitude to the exciting problem. So, in a natural and most favorable way, human space begins to change.

This is the Master’s eco-friendly use of Scandinavian runes for humans. Through the search for the root cause in yourself, understand why life is developing in a way that you do not like.

Can runes be used for predictions?

The answer is yes, the Scandinavian runes allow you to predict future events. As a rule, they are responsible for the human condition. After all, the formation of our own future events depends on our state, among other things. Such predictions can be regarded as advice that will be useful for a person to realize and work through in himself.

In this system, the Master learns runes through the energetic transmission of symbols and meditation. In this case, the rune alignments are certain energy, and this energy can be healing. It is important to understand that this is not having an impact on a person. But only if the master is competent, does not pursue an interest in manipulating you for his own benefit, does not try to put pressure or influence you.

If the consultation is conducted correctly, then the alignment will create healing energy that triggers the transformation of consciousness. Mentally, a person may not even catch what the master tells him, but the energy that will come from the alignment will still begin to work. So the attitude of a person to himself, to the situation, to his problem changes. In general, the situation will not change life but will give it a new vision. This is a chance to delve into the root of the problem, independently find a solution and a way out of the situation.

As for the prediction of fate, we can say this: our soul comes to Earth for a certain personal experience. Each person has his own karmic tasks and certain situations from which he cannot escape. The best and only way out is to become aware of these situations and go through them. They are our lesson, the lesson of our soul. But the way you go through them depends only on you.

Fate cannot be deceived or carried out. For this purpose, there is the 25th rune of futhark (Scandinavian alphabet) “Bird”. One of its meanings is “fate is the essence of God, which is harmful to know.” However, Scandinavian runes can indeed say that certain events in a person’s life are iconic in their destiny.

Why can runes as amulets both help and harm?

Runes as amulets can be worn, but they must be temporary. Why? Because putting on an amulet with a certain rune, a person begins to hang in this state and safely forgets about the other twenty-four. For example, if a person has problems with finances, and he decides to wear an amulet with a fehu rune in the hope that his income will increase dramatically or debts will close on their own, then his hopes may not be justified.

It is not known how such an amulet will affect a particular person. One will begin to work non-stop day and night, not seeing his family, children, friends. The other will have a tangible world in the form of a new iPhone on credit for several years, things in the form of gifts, but not the financial situation. This happens because a person does not work out his attitudes, blocks, and impeding programs in himself because the Higher Forces give as much as a person is ready to get in this way. Because of this, other, no less important areas of your life may suffer.

Runes can also be charged with various amulets – for example, to work out the root causes of problems in the financial flow. Such an amulet will be safe for its owner. And as soon as the problems are detected, the amulet will need to be removed.

Is it safe to engage in esoteric practices via the Internet or by books?

No, it’s not safe. At the moment, there are a lot of practices and traditions, and each tradition implies initiation (initiation) into it. In this tradition, all techniques and all materials are passed from Master to Master, from Master to practitioner. This practice is not found in books and on the Internet. Why isn’t it safe to do this online? First of all, someone else’s experience may be erroneous. Second, some rituals work when they are taught personally by a particular master. It’s unknown how it will work online (or if it will work at all). Third, if you want to learn, there are no initiations online. This is a common scam if a person is initiated somewhere on the Internet. In this practice, initiation occurs only in person. Most rituals and practices involve Higher Powers.

In this regard, it is useful to look for your master and work with yourself – with what worries you “here and now”, to look for the root cause in yourself, why at the moment there is no relationship with a loving and beloved man and to work through this. Then you and your loved ones will be safe.

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