Mayonnaise, how to use it to repair hair?

Hair is exposed to different factors that can weaken it.

Hair is a set of hairs that cover the scalp that lines the head. The care of this part of the body is in the hands of each person and for this, there are different types of solutions, both commercial and natural, which you can prepare with a few ingredients that you surely have at home.

Remember that hair is exposed to different factors that can weaken it, such as pollution, cigarette smoke, long exposures to ultraviolet rays – UV – or chemical dyes that some people use to dye hair.

Schwarzkopf emphasizes that it is necessary to differentiate very well two common problems that occur in the hair: the breakage of the hair and the split ends. They are not the same. He explains that split ends mean they are damaged and begin to break, while hair breakage, on the contrary, implies that there is more pronounced structural damage.

“It is recognized by small white dots, which indicate that the hair is partially fractured or broken. These fractures can occur not only at the ends but throughout the hair, giving it a weak and rough image. In principle, hair breakage can affect any type and size of hair. However, long or sensitive hair is affected more often, as it is more susceptible (for example due to age) and has a larger exposed surface,” explains the brand expert in coloring.Dyed hair

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The company highlights that hair breakage can develop due to different factors that dry out the hair, reduce its elasticity and attack the surface structure. Among the most common causes listed by Schwarzkopf are: excessive or incorrect brushing, drying or combing of wet hair; strong pressure, for example with moñas or clips; frequent coloring, as the cuticle opens in the process; chemical treatments such as permanent straightening; the heat of the direct sun and dryers, irons or electric tenacillas and the friction of scarves and sweaters can make the hair rough.

Mayonnaise is a product that can help repair hair as long as it is used regularly and people maintain a styling routine starting at the ends and rising as the hair detangles, added to the cutting of the ends with some frequency.

This product contains essential oils that nourish the hair and regenerate dry ends, it is usually recommended especially for people who have dry and battered hair. In addition to the above, the use of the mayonnaise mask on the hair helps to regenerate the hair fibers and restore their elasticity and shine, conditions that it loses due to the excessive use of irons and dryers.

The use of dyes, bleaches and permanent straightening causes the hair to dry out and begin to look brittle, this shows that its pH may be unbalanced. For these cases it is recommended that you buy mayonnaise that contains vinegar or lemon, ingredients that help balance the pH of the hair, give it shine, and clean it. Mayonnaise also contains egg, a protein that helps regenerate hair strands, causing it to regain elasticity, health, and beauty.

người phụ nữ trẻ xinh đẹp với bông hoa - brittle hair hình ảnh sẵn có, bức ảnh & hình ảnh trả phí bản quyền một lần

How to apply the mayonnaise mask?

To start, be sure to moisten your hair with water. Then, take a cup and pour a moderate amount of mayonnaise, then take a special brush to apply the dye and start distributing the mayonnaise throughout the hair: starting with the scalp and ending at the ends.

When you have all your hair impregnated with mayonnaise, proceed to massage gently with your fingertips, making circular movements throughout the scalp. Assorted this process, cover the hair with a plastic cup, and let it act for 15 to 20 minutes. After that time, proceed to rinse the hair very well, making sure that there are no traces of mayonnaise, use shampoo and the treatments you usually use after washing.

It is recommended that you make use of this treatment at least once a month for at least four months to obtain the desired results.

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