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A woman who fights for her dreams, is passionate, enjoys being surrounded by positive people, and is infinitely grateful for everything that life has given her throughout her 27 years, this is how Milagros Salomón Islas is defined. He knows all about his greatest passions: his family and fashion.

Mimis, as her closest friends call her, confesses that her love for fashion was born the day she realized that she had a talent for creating original looks for herself and her friends who asked her for advice. “I always liked watching fashion shows, from there I realized I had talent,” she recalls. He is also a fan of Sex and the City, where he fell in love with the style of Carrie Bradshaw and Samantha Jones, played by Sarah Jessica Parker and Kim Cattrall respectively, whom he considers his inspiration.

Having a fashion closet is not easy, so, week after week, she goes around the fashion mall of the city to take note of the holdings, combine what she already has with some new garments, from the most basic to the most extravagant. “What I enjoy most about shopping is being accompanied by my mom and sister, I always like to listen to the opinion of the two of them,” she says.

The musts in his closet are white sneakers, “I always bring them everywhere, I love them,” he says with emotion. In addition, she can not miss a black garment, whether it is a skirt, pants, blouse, or jacket: “A good leather jacket always accompanies me,” he confesses.INSERT PHOTO MIMIS 2

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On the catwalk

For her, fashion goes beyond outfits and shopping, that’s why she has participated in different catwalks, either as an organizer or as a model. “I have participated in two that I liked a lot. The first is CHIC Brides, dressing as a bride was a different experience, I felt dreamed of wearing a beautiful dress and veil. A year later I was fortunate to be in the coordination of this event and despite the stress, it filled me with pride and experience. Also, Liverpool invited me to model in one of their Spring-Summer collection presentation shows, there I had a lot of fun even though I went out in a swimsuit, “he recalls.

His experience in these events has been very rewarding, despite the nerves he felt when hogging the eyes of the attendees, “I fought against my insecurities and I went out with all the attitude to break it, I think that was the most important thing, beyond having or not having experience. Feeling confident and confident in myself is the best thing I did.”INSERT PHOTO MIMIS 3© Provided by Chic Magazine INSERT PHOTO MIMIS 3

September month of the Fatherland and his birthday!

“One of my favorite holidays is the national holidays because it’s the month I was born and I relate it to my birthday.” For Mimis, it is the ideal time to show her Mexican pride and she does not miss the opportunity to dress in Tenangos or any other garment that reminds her of the history of Mexico. “I love wearing the green, white and red that day. The rebozos can not miss, my mom has a great collection of them, they are beautiful and are part of our culture, in addition to enhancing any outfit very well, that’s why I combine my culture with the national holidays, “he said.

Part of his love for this month is due to his maternal family, for many years they have been involved in the Charrería and his mother has endless Adelita dresses and charro suits: “my mother’s sister taught me to ride since I was eight years old, I had my own horse and every weekend I rode. My charra chair was inherited from generation to generation, from my great-grandmother to me, although it is now stored.INSERT PHOTO MIMIS 3

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“I wore my mom’s charro suit and it was a pride to wear it,” she said happily. Even though his mom and aunt taught him all the exercises that Skirmishes should do, he didn’t participate in any professional competitions. “Since I was a child, the festivities began on September 14, Charro Day, with a parade through Avenida Revolución and Juárez, and the next day in the Grito de Independencia we spent it at my grandmother’s ranch who, by the way, recently gave her recognition for having been the first delegate of the Skirmishes in Hidalgo,” she recalled.

On her birthday she said: “I say goodbye to the 26 very grateful for everything I learned, for everything that came, for good and bad times, there were many changes in my life this year. I am more mature and I hope for the best for the 27, best moments, best people and always betting on big projects.”

“I love wearing sneakers, with them I walk like a diva and that makes me feel empowered and beautiful.”

Fashion Miracles

A constant in her life in recent years has been her column on the website of CHIC Magazine, where she assures that an important turn is coming to push her further. “I want to get even more into the subject of networks and fashion tips. I will make that space to enter more fully into that world and that the column continues to have much more reach. The success of the column is the guests, we will continue to have of all ages and genders. I want to make a community and if I can help boost someone with my voice, for me it will be an honor.”

In the shooting

The MUA and hairstyle of Mimis were in charge of Dayne Aguillón and Karen Hernández, respectively. Both, professionals of Ana Calva Hair Design & Makeup Artist.

Hotel Santiurde was the ideal location for the session, with its spectacular view of Real del Monte.

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