Netflix movies that confirm how a man acts when he is no longer in love

Discovering that the couple you love no longer feels the same for you is devastating, something that the protagonists of these Netflix movies dared, which will give us the courage to face this situation inspired by their inner strength.

Romantic Netflix movies that leave us a lesson

Living with my ex

Definitely, a person who loves you will not make your life impossible to annoy you and take you to the edge, something we learned with Brooke, who ended her relationship with Gary.

However, neither of them wants to leave their residence so their friends suggest a series of tactics to tire the other and the only solution is to become a couple of hostile housemates.

Adrienne has her life in a mess because she knows that her husband is unfaithful to her and wants to return home, and her daughter is a teenager who questions all her decisions.

Everything will change when on a night out of the routine she meets a man in the middle of a storm, with whom the magic will flow and discover what real love is like.

Elvira, I would give you my life but I am using it

A loyal and honest love will not abandon you, something that Elvira had to suffer. Her partner and father of her two children went out one day for cigars and never returned, so she will start a hunt to discover the truth behind her departure.

On the other side of the world

Naomi Watts and Edward Norton headline one of Netflix’s most poignant films, centered on the twenties, according to Film Affinity.

The husband, more interested in science than his partner, throws his wife into the arms of another man with whom he has an affair, but in the midst of the scandal over infidelity, he must make hard decisions that will put his happiness at stake.

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