Not enough to paycheck: how and why the price of “normal life” is growing

Now there are different ideas about the amount, which is always lacking.

How people’s requests have changed and why the level of comfort is increasing and becoming more expensive, says psychologist, psychosomatologist, and hypnotherapist Maxim Kovalenko.

About 30 years ago, carpets on the wall, bread with sausage in the hand, and new sneakers on the legs were considered a sign of prosperity. Childhood has passed, and 80% of compatriots still believe that it was better before. The subconscious mind works great to preserve the best memories and tries to mask the worst, so the picture is blurred, adjusted, and gives a negative to the modern list “for happiness”.

Why is the price of comfort increasing?

1. Difference in perception between generations

Yes, it used to be normal to live without hot water, to go to the toilet in a bucket (because it’s January and night outside). And even dying from gangrene was once normal because there were no antibiotics. People didn’t know any other life.

And we have the opportunity to choose your level of comfort. You can go somewhere outside the coverage area of mobile communication, build a log cabin in the taiga or occupy a house abandoned by someone in the eternal Prostokvashyn. And now you are already transported to a happy past. But not many of us, dissatisfied with traffic jams, TikTok, and prices for renting apartments in Moscow, are ready to embark on a “normal life“, as in the old and not always good times.

House in the village

2. Remuneration system

Why, since man began to farm and learn how to grow goodies in the garden, he ceased to be content with what he has?

The answer lies in the buzzword “dopamine” today. Attitudes towards this neurotransmitter vary from being recognized as a “happiness hormone” to a “curse of modern life.” We will not indulge in all the intricacies of neuroscience, because there is already more than one damn leg broken.

But what is important to know?

A person has a kind of “reward system” that tells what is good and what is bad. When we can feel like winners, and when we can feel like losers, “trembling creatures, or having the right.” And in this system, dopamine is the main actor.

But the problem is that this system wasn’t designed to make us happy. It was “invented” by evolution to survive and improve.

Have you noticed that expensive purchases do not please for long? And a cup of coffee only in the beginning gives a real pleasure, and then we drink because it is a pity to throw it away.

Dopamine forces us to take new heights and put a checkmark on the norm there. Now a trip to the sea once a year is necessary, but not enough thing. And so on ad infinitum.

Lots of shopping

Why don’t people have enough money? Because the reward system is an endless game to achieve new levels of comfort and pleasure. And social networks, as you know, do not alleviate our fate. From all sides, more and more expensive attributes of the norm are demonstrated. And you, be kind, conform or suffer.

3. Top of Maslow’s Pyramid

Maslow’s pyramid is a description of human needs: from base desires to sublime ones. As you know, needs arise simultaneously, in addition to our desire and after a sober analysis. First, it is important for a person to come up with what to eat, then where to live, then, with whom to communicate, and only after everything else.

Modern society completely protects us from the need to think about the foundation of Maslow’s pyramid. After all, today we are faced with the problems of an overabundance of food and comfort, rather than their shortage. Such percentages of the incidence of obesity and diabetes have never been.

So it’s time to close the needs for respect, self-improvement, and self-determination. And these questions, as we all know, are not the cheapest.

Five thousand are missing: how and why the price of "normal life" is growing

Man, trying to separate more and more and protect himself from nature, never ceased to live according to the laws described by Darwin. We inherit something from past generations, change something, abolish, earn and set new limits on the norm.

To understand what it is about, look at modern children. In our childhood, there were not so many toys and entertainment, cartoons were not shown around the clock, and of the available sweets were only refined and grandmother’s jam.

Previously, they really lived normally, but only then they did not know that it could be different. Today, almost any information, video communication, sea, mountains, and even tourist flights into space are available to us. Of course, all these exciting prospects have their price. Isn’t that normal?

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