Not married yet: 8 handsome princes who are in search of the chosen ones

Danish princes

22-year-old Prince Nikolai gives great hope and causes a lot of emotions among fans, which he has plenty of. So, His Highness is the heir of Prince Joachim and Countess Alexandra of Frederiksborg, as well as the grandson of the Queen of Denmark, by the age of 18 he achieved success in the modeling field. He appeared on the runway during London Fashion Week. Back in 2018, Nikolai began to study at the famous school Løjtnantsbasisuddannelsen.

Recently, not so many new shots with Nikolai appeared on the blog, but the other day his new portrait was published in the official account of the Danish princes, which won the hearts of fans. And they had a real reason for this – on August 28, the guy turned 22 years old. Fans showered Nikolai with compliments and wished him success in his career.

By the way, Nikolai has a younger brother – Felix. He turned 19 in July. The guy is still engaged in studying and performing royal duties. Felix has no other half.

Prince Nicholas, photo: @detdanskekongehus© Provided by: Woman’s Day Prince Nikolai, photo: @detdanskekongehusPrince Felix, photo: @prinsfelixafdanmar

© Provided by: Woman’s Day Prince Felix, Photo: @prinsfelixafdanmar

The Prince of Belgium

29-year-old Joachim is the second son of Princess Astrid of Belgium and Archduke Lorenz of Austria-Este, grandson of the former King of Belgium Albert II. The personal life of the prince is hidden from the public, but it is known that he is not yet married. A couple of years ago, there were rumors that Joachim fell in love with a simple girl named Victoria and allegedly in the palace was preparing for the wedding, but then the matter has not progressed, so other girls still have a chance to win the heart of a handsome prince.

Prince Joachim, the most handsome princes of the world, bachelor princes© Legion Media Prince Joachim, the most beautiful princess of the world, bachelor princes

Cousin of Prince Harry and Prince William

Samuel David Chatto is a second cousin of the Duke of Sussex and the Duke of Cambridge. The guy is now 24 years old. It is known that he actively studied art history and applied crafts at the University of Edinburgh. Later, Samuel decided to go into pottery. The young man leads a page on the Web, where he posts his new works. The heart of the prince is still free, but there is no rebound from the fans because he is incredibly beautiful.

Cousin of Prince Harry and Prince William, Samuel David Chatto, the most handsome princes© @samchatto Cousin of Prince Harry and Prince William, Samuel David Chatto, the most handsome princes

Prince of Liechtenstein

25-year-old Josef Wenzel von und Zu is the crown prince of one of the tiny states of the world. His personal life is kept secret, but one thing is known – the guy is not married yet. Josef loves to travel. He has traveled the United States and Latin America and knows them so well that he could give a tour of any state. Prince graduated from college in the United States, but there is no information about his current occupation.

Prince of Liechtenstein, Josef Wenzel von und zu

© @KingWillemAlexander Prince of Liechtenstein, Josef Wenzel von und zu

Princes of Luxembourg

Sébastien Henri is the fifth heir to Grand Duke Henri of Luxembourg. He is already 28 years old, but the prince’s heart is still free. Sébastien received several degrees in marketing and international business, as well as a training course at the Royal Military Academy. He serves as a platoon commander in the Irish 1st Guards. The man is fond of sports: he loves rugby and is even an honorary member of the local team.

By the way, Sebastian has an older brother – 34-year-old Louis Xavier. He was previously married. From his first marriage, the prince has two children, but since 2017, Louis is divorced, which means that women still have chances.

Prince Louis Xavier, Photo: Legion Media© Provided by: Woman’s Day Prince Louis Xavier, Photo: Legion Media

Prince Sébastien Henri© Provided by: Woman’s Day Prince Sébastien Henri

Prince of Brunei

30-year-old Abdul Mateen has long been dubbed one of the most enviable suitors in the world. He is fourth in line to the throne. In 2011, the guy graduated from the Royal Military Academy in Sandhurst with the rank of second lieutenant. Abdula holds a master’s degree in the arts and is also fluent in four languages. The prince is fond of traveling and playing polo, boxing and skiing. Abdul is in search of his lady of the heart.

Prince of Brunei, Abdul Mateen, enviable bachelor, the most handsome princes© @tmski Prince of Brunei, Abdul Mateen, enviable bachelor, the most handsome princes

“I guess it just has to be real. Simplicity is something that can really attract me, “the handsome man said in one of his interviews.

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