Office at home: 10 great ideas for layouts

With a partition, in a closet, under the window or behind a sliding panel, discover our ideas for office layouts and accessories. By transforming shelves or superimposing small dressers, get inspired by these projects and adapt them to your décor.

To work from home it is better to be well settled. Set up a practical and clever office area, following our clever advice.

With a partition

To benefit from a specific space without creating a new room, opting for a modular partition is a good solution. The office can lean on it and files and paperwork are not in full view.

Under the light.

The more you benefit from natural light, the better you work, it’s proven! Also do not hesitate to multiply the roof windows(Velux)in the attic. There are solutions to create a bay window effect. Equipped with motorized blinds, they offer all the comfort of conventional windows. Then position the desk so that you won’t be dazzled by the sun. It can be interesting to provide furniture on wheels in order to move it according to the needs.


Operate a recess or closet that closes with a sliding door. You can work in peace during the day and close everything in the evening, neither seen nor known. Ideal in a small space.

A clever niche

With a simple box at least 35 cm deep, set up a niche where to put your computer. Securely fix it with metal brackets, 70 cm from the ground.

Be careful it must not be too deep, at the risk of being imposing and doing like a wart on the wall, nor too narrow it is necessary at least to be able to put a sheet A 4. On the style side, follow your inspiration!

Camouflage way, by painting it in the same color as your wall, or more fancy, by covering the bottom with patterned wallpaper or with more or less wide bands of masking tape.

It is possible to add on the side of the box(Leroy Merlin)narrow tablets to put pencils and notebooks.

Complete the installation with a wheel box for the largest files.

For lighting, provide a lamp with a clamp, or even two, to direct them according to your needs.

The minute idea: a pencil jar

Cut a rectangle from a cork sheet(Zodio)the size of a tin can (exact perimeter + height).

Glue the box and cork with strong glue.

Fix the cork sheet around the pot, holding it securely.

On wheels

Turn two medium-sized shelves (about 1 m high) into boxes, equipping them with 4 castors each and hinges to connect them. In one of the two boxes, attach aboard as a secretary held by folding compasses.

Organize yourself with a jumble

The material to carry out the jumble

  • 5 A3 cork plates thickness: 6 mm
  • 10 coupons of matching fabrics 30 x 30 cm
  • Sheet of cardstock A4
  • Double-sided adhesive
  • Scissors
  • Cutter
  • Folding compasses
  • Pencil


  1. Draw and cut a hexagon template 21 cm in diameter on the cardstock. Then detail a hexagon in the cork plate with the cutter.

© Provided by Femme ActuelleStark/living4media/Sweet Salty

2. Place the template on the back of the fabric coupon and cut the fabric all around, adding at least 4 cm of margin on each side.

3. Place the cork hexagon on the back of the fabric. Cut and glue pieces of double-sided adhesive on the 6 edges of the cork.

4. Make scissor notches at every angle of the fabric. Fold it by sticking it on the double-sided. Repeat 9 times, varying the tissues.

The minute idea: Smart drawers

Paint two mini dressers (Moppe, Ikea)in pastel green, let them dry. Add golden shell handles to give it a little industry look revisited.

Then fix the dressers together with glue to form a column of furniture.

In the quiet

To create a quiet workspace even without a window, think of a glass roof. You will benefit from the light in the main room. You can opt for tailor-made but there are also glass panels ready to install in DIY store(Lapeyre); different panels are available: any height or with a solid basement (more convenient for an office) with a black structure style Indus or white to blend into the décor.

Just a perfect corner

In a recess, 60 cm deep, paint two sections of the wall in a sustained color, as here blue that promotes the imagination.

Leave a wall in white to avoid the “box” side, too stuffy. Cut a board for a desk to the dimensions of the alcove and fix it 70 cm from the floor with a cup on each side.

Add 3 or 4 shelves 25 cm wide. The lowest must be at least 50 cm from the desk the following will be positioned every 35 cm approximately.

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