Our great tips to clean your silver jewelry

What a pleasure to adorn yourself with beautiful silver jewelry. Only when they have lost their luster or oxidized, they are immediately less pretty. We reveal all our tips to restore shine to your silver jewelry.

Do you have some rings, necklaces, or other silver jewelry lying at the bottom of your drawer or jewelry box but you no longer dare to put them on because they are oxidized, blackened, or scratched? Just like gold jewelry, silver jewelry also recovers. We reveal all our tips to take care of it.

What equipment to use to clean your silver jewelry?

To clean jewelry, you will need a toothbrush with (very) soft or used bristles. Do not use a toothbrush with hard bristles that could damage them. If you are worried about using a toothbrush, you can also use a clean cloth or chamois skin. This makes it possible to gently clean the jewelry without the risk of damaging it.

How to properly clean your silver jewelry?

There are several methods to take care of your silver jewelry. Whether they are oxidized, blackened, or slightly tarnished, your silver jewelry sometimes deserves a little makeover to make it shine again. Here are the natural methods to give them a second life.

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  • Use baking soda

Baking soda is used a lot in the house but it is also an ally to clean your silver jewelry. In a cup, pour a little warm water and baking soda. Then soak a used toothbrush in the bicarbonate water mixture and rub your jewel gently. Rinse it with clean water and then use a cloth to wipe it.

  • Use white vinegar

To maintain your silver jewelry that has blackened, you can use white vinegar. For this, fill a bowl with white vinegar, place your silver jewelry in it and let it sit for 2 hours. Then rinse them with clear water.

  • Using salt and aluminum

If your jewel is highly oxidized and does not contain precious stones, you can place it in aluminum foil. Then pour coarse salt and close the aluminum and place everything in a basin filled with boiling water. Let it sit for 30 minutes then take out your jewel and rinse it with clear water.

  • Use toothpaste

As surprising as it may seem, toothpaste is also used to clean silver jewelry. Put some on your used toothbrush and gently rub your jewelry. Then clean them with clean water.

  • Use coca-cola®

Coca-cola® to clean your jewelry? And yes, this product works miracles! Fill a bowl with coca-cola® and soak your silver jewelry for 3 hours or more. Once the time is up, take out your jewelry and clean it with clean water with a used toothbrush or cloth.

  • Use lemon

Do you have a lemon? You can then clean your silver jewelry efficiently and quickly! Squeeze half of a lemon on the tip of the cloth or on a toothbrush and then clean your jewel. Then rinse the jewel with clear water.

  • Use beer

Pour beer into a bowl and place your jewelry there. Let them soak like this overnight. The next day, rinse them with clean water and admire the result!

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