Our tips to make a good first impression

We sometimes put pressure on ourselves before meeting a person for the first time or going to an interview. It is not easy for all so we give you some tips to get there more serenely.

Stressed about meeting a new person? The ball in the belly before an interview? These are things that happen especially when you are shy, reserved, and perhaps a little anxious by nature. The first impression that we have of others and that others have of us is often the most important because it determines the sequence of events. Are we going to see each other again? Are we going to be called back and then hired? At a time when we are trying to rid ourselves of all the diktats that our society can impose on us, we cannot neglect certain points either. Whether you like it or not the consideration during a first meeting, the way you chose to put on makeup too, and your level of confidence in yourself as well. Here are three ways to shine, without doing too much either.

The habit does not make the monk but…

We all know the expression that says that “the habit does not make the monk” and that is used wrongly and wrongly. We do not like to judge on appearances yet we are often when it is the first time we are seen. Some people may even go so far as to get an idea of you just by analyzing your outfit. Excessive, you said? Maybe. In the meantime, during an interview, for example, you owe it to yourself to be on top to give the best possible impression. We also do not tell you to go in prom attire but to choose clothes rather classy and especially in which you will feel comfortable. Because yes, it’s cool to wear a nice outfit but if you feel bad or cramped it may add stress and apprehension. You have to put all the chances on your side!

Makeup, not makeup? That is the question.

It all depends on your desires and the context. For some employers, too busy makeup can surprise and leave a bad impression. We don’t want to dictate anything to you but know how to go sparingly depending on the type of appointment you have. If you apply at Sephora, Nocibé, or another perfumery of this kind, do not hesitate to show them what you are worth. For the rest, the important thing is to find the right compromise without betraying the person you are.

Blow a good blow

Yes, we can sometimes be stressed before an event, a meeting, an appointment. There are no deaths of men and it is normal to apprehend a little, that said you should not put yourself in a state that would risk compromising the proper conduct of your interview. Be confident and if it is a professional interview prepare it as much as possible in order to go serenely on D-Day. Your confidence can sometimes be decisive and make you want to go further at your side. And then, if it does not succeed, tell yourself that you will do better next time and stop putting all the evils of the world on your back!

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