Phrases you should say to your daughter to strengthen her self-esteem

Words have more power than we think, so it is important in positive parenting to reinforce the confidence of our daughter or son through phrases that stimulate their self-esteem and self-love.

This, in the long run, will result in people who know their value, so they reject situations or attitudes of people in which they are not treated as they deserve, asserting who they are and opting above all things for their well-being.

Phrases you should tell your daughter to grow up with good self-esteem

“You can do it”

“You are capable”, “I trust you”, “Try again”. All these are very positive stimuli for your little ones because they reinforce the perception that they are able to fulfill everything they set out to do.

And they are not exempt from failing or encountering difficulties along the way, so it is important to teach them that perseverance, self-confidence, faith, and perseverance will be key in their lives to achieve their dreams.

“I hear you”

“Do you want us to talk about something specific?”, “Can you count on me”, “I understand you”. All of them are very significant for children and adolescents since they validate their emotions and improve the communication of parents and children.

Many times we can not prevent them from suffering in life, but it is important that they know that we will be for them regardless of what happens, transmit empathy, reinforce trust and show interest in them.

“You are worth a lot”

“You are very important to me”, “I love that you are my son”, “I am proud of you”, “I love you”. You may think your daughter knows you love her for your actions, but manifesting love through words or phrases is also very powerful in bolstering her self-esteem.

According to the portal Babies and Moms, it is also very positive that you mention “their qualities, praise their successes without falling into exaggeration and talk about their mistakes with empathy and spirit of overcoming.”

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