Places in the world where you get paid to live and enjoy them

Tired of paying rent? Living in different parts of the world, without paying a single peso is the desire of many people.

After the Covid-19 pandemic, the initiative to move to other cities where they offer good job offers in more depopulated areas has become popular.

Places in the world to live without paying

With a view to increasing their population, these localities offer facilities to inhabit them.

Vermont, United States of America

This is the second least populated state in the United States, which is why its government seeks to increase the arrival of workers by encouraging with the ‘Aid Program for Remote Workers’, which offers two-year aid and a sum of up to the US $ 10,000 for those who settle to live there.© Provided by Nueva Mujer

Your only requirement will be to have an employment contract in another state of the country remotely.

Candela, Italy

Italy is a desired destination for many, with its beautiful villages full of mountains. This small town in the province of Foggia known as ‘La Piccola Napoli’, seeks to increase its population.© Provided by Nueva Mujer

With only 2,000 inhabitants, it is the perfect place to live a relaxed life and enjoy US $ 941 that the government is willing to pay for singles and the US $ 2350 for couples with children who dare to move to the mountain.

Tulsa, United States of America

The city of Tulsa, located in Oklahoma, is looking for workers who want to live in it in exchange for a check for $10,000.© Provided by Nueva Mujer

This amount includes what would be the cost of the move, a monthly salary of US $ 500 for a year, and a bonus of US $ 1,500 once the first year of residence ends.

In addition, it offers jobs in downtown Tulsa.

Sambuca, Italy

In Europe, house sales for one euro have become popular, with the aim of hunting people for beautiful places that are removed from city areas.© Provided by Nueva Mujer

The conditions are based on rebuilding the houses and paying a deposit of US $ 5,881 that is reimbursed after rehabilitation.

New Haven, United States of America

Those who reside with more than five years in this place will receive a contribution of US $ 10,000 so that they can buy a house in the area and the US $ 30,000 if they have the soul of developers and want to build an eco-sustainable building.© Provided by Nueva Mujer

Molise, Italy

The Italian region of Molise is on the lookout for merchants so they offer $823 a month for three years for those who feel like moving there and opening a business.© Provided by Nueva Mujer

Its population is 300,000 people and the program seeks to reactivate the economy.

Alaska, United States of America

The glacier region is looking to attract new residents to revive their lands.© Provided by Nueva Mujer

However, its policy is not new because, since 1982, the US state has given those who live there for more than a year an annual bonus of almost US $ 1200.

Saskatchewan, Canada

After the risk of extinction due to low socioeconomic activity and low birth rate, for the few inhabitants, this province seeks to remedy this scourge by offering around the US $ 15,292 to those who go to live there.© Provided by Nueva Mujer

Baltimore, Maryland

The city of Baltimore handles two contests for those who want to buy a property and move to the state of Maryland.© Provided by Nueva Mujer

At least 30 people will have the opportunity to receive $5,000 in monetary aid to buy a home.

On the other hand, there is the while ‘Vacants to Value program, with which they will have a deposit of US $ 11,762 to acquire and renovate an empty house in the city.

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