Platinum dyes for brunettes that will be trending

Currently, the world of beauty has various techniques that allow anyone to wear the tone they want regardless of their complexion. Below, we present the best trends of platinum dyes for brunettes and with which you can transform your look this season.

In this list, you can find from the most subtle effects for a natural appearance to the most obvious, for the most daring girls. You just have to choose the one that best suits your personal style.

Platinum dyes for brunettes that you should know

Platinum blonde

For the more daring girls, platinum tones may be the best choice. Whether in a gradient or in a full tint, this color creates a modern and risky look. In the case of the second, you can give the root of its natural color and lighten the rest of the hair.

Before doing it, you should take into account that to achieve a very light tone, you will have to go through several discoloration processes, so be patient and consult before with a professional colorist.short hair© Provided by New Woman Short Hair

Baby blonde

One of the first celebrities to wear it was Beyoncé, she adopted this tone that gives her a lighter blonde look that illuminates her complexion without her hair perishing orange. The effect that his colorist applied simulates the blond hair of children that is darker at the root and becomes lighter towards the tips. Although converting to blonde hair may not be for everyone because it means more work to nourish the hair, it is the ideal tone for those looking for a radical transformation.Platinum dyes© Provided by New Woman Platinum dyes

Mushroom hair

The mushroom hair technique consists of making a gradient from dark hair to lighter, combining beige and platinum tones to imitate the interior of a colors© Provided by New Woman Hair Colors


The beige tones combine perfectly with brown hair. You can concentrate the reflections in the front or combine them with a gradient for a more harmonious effect of clear tips.

This year one of the most popular trends indicates that the locks near the face are visibly lighter than the rest of the hair.Platinum dyes© Provided by New Woman Platinum dyes

Deep roots

Leaving the natural tone as the basis for creating gradients is the best way to not have to retouch the dye so often, that’s why this season the deep roots will be the trend.blonde hair color© Provided by New Woman Blonde Hair Color

Smoked Marshmallow hair

The technique consists of mixing lighter and darker colored wicks to make a more natural gradient at the root.

This technique allows the color to remain intact for up to eight weeks no matter what type of blonde is chosen, as long as purple shampoo is used to prevent the color from hair© Provided by New Woman Cenizo Blonde Hair

Tweed effect on hair

This year the platinum tones will be among the most requested, as they are perfect for those looking to get away from the yellow and orange tones.

One way to wear it is the ‘tweed’ effect, which as its name suggests, mimics the tones of this fabric in the hair, maintaining a dark base and creating lights of different levels of lightening in dark blonde tones.

If you do not like the hair too light, you can adopt this same technique to the color you colors for brunettes

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