Professional Artist Creates Amazing 3D Drawings On Simple Flat Surfaces

When it comes to drawing, some artists, particularly those who made these 3D drawings, have a knack of conjuring up magic. From animals to commonplace items, it appears as though you may reach out and grasp them right off the page. Prepare to be astounded by these stunningly realistic pictures.

  1. Souring, Flying
    This osprey appears to have flown in via an open window, and it’s difficult to realize it’s just a drawing. We’d like to view the process so we can be sure it’s a drawing.

2. You Get Three Wishes
“I stand by my oath loyalty to wishes three, Oh Great One Who Summons Me.” In real life, Aladdin’s genie would be fun to hang out with. What would you like to have?

3. Snake Charmer
“I’m a snake. I’m a slithery little snake,” said the snake to the artist. This is not a drawing you should buy for your home if you are terrified of snakes.

4. Taste The Feeling
Take a look at the gleam he managed to achieve! He even thought to write the date of expiration on the bottom!

5. Chrome Sports Car Dreams
How does he achieve such lifelike reflections? Wouldn’t it be great to have an automobile that is entirely made of chrome? However, it may cause other drivers to get distracted.

6. Sunny Side Up
This egg appears to be delicious enough to serve with avocado toast. Is he going to use that pencil to pop the yolk? What could possibly make this egg even better? Next to it is a bottle of Sriracha.

7. Tick, Tick, Tick
This wristwatch is beautifully crafted…we mean drawn. Some real watches aren’t as nice as this one.

8. I Smurf, Therefore I Am
No matter how clumsy a smurf is, it’s still a smurf, and Clumsy Smurf is no exception. He’s tripping over everything, even as a drawing.

9. Gone Fishing
Why leave the comfort of your own home when you can go fishing right from your own backyard? What kind of bait is he employing to entice that fish to his brush?

10. Lights, Camera, Action
Is there anyone out there that wants to make a movie since this artist is giving us serious movie vibes? The trick to this drawing is to use a forced perspective. The drawing would get stretched and deformed as you flipped the page.

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