Proven: 3 magical psychological techniques from Harry Potter that work in real life

I swear I’m plotting a prank and only a prank!

If you think that magic does not exist, you are deeply mistaken. J.K. Rowling in the tale of Harry Potter wrote several times about the magic that we can do in our Muggle world. Blogger Lydia Ozerova told about the hidden psychological meanings in the fairy tale about the boy who survived. This is your chance to live in your favorite fairy tale!

Avoid Dementors

To begin with, we remind you who dementors are – unpleasant creatures that literally pulled all the positive emotions out of people. There was only one way to resist them – to call the Patronus, which was a transparent shield that appeared from warm memories.

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Do you think that there are no dementors in real life? And what about apathy and negative emotions, sadness, and “wagons”, which often appear out of the blue? Fighting them is not always enough determination and experience, but you can create a Patronus for yourself. Imagine joyful moments from the past, kind encouraging words of loved ones laugh as much as possible. It is positive that is the Patronus who will defeat all your fears and bad thoughts.

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Believe in the potion of luck

What about a good luck potion? Remember him? “Whatever you undertake, you will succeed. At least while the action of the potion lasts, “Professor Sloughorn says the conspirators, talking about the properties of the magic drink.

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Before the crucial match, Harry Potter pretended to add that potion to his friend Ron at breakfast. Ron immediately had a reason to be inspired, believe in himself, and play brilliantly on the field. Little did he know he hadn’t really drunk any magic potion. The secret to self-confidence is just to believe in your own strength and success. Then everything will work out. For persuasiveness, you can brew yourself a strong green tea (oh, that is, a magic potion) that brings good luck.

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Visualize desires

What are you dreaming about? Many are baffled by this question. If only banal phrases come to mind, then it’s time to look in the mirror “Einalezh”, which is able to show a person his innermost desires. Harry Potter saw his parents standing next to him, and Ron Weasley in the reflection turned out to be the headman and captain of the team.

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You can always look into “yourself” and honestly admit what you want more than anything in the world. Having formulated goals, come up with a plan of action and go to them! We believe you can do 😉

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