Psychologists called 3 types of women from which men are crazy

They are very different, respectively, attract different men. Scratching your head, why do guys of the same type stick to you? Psychologists say it’s all about you.

Why do some girls not have a rebound from men, while others are bypassed by the stronger sex? About what women men literally demolish the roof, says our expert.

Type 1: flirting coquettes

Female flirting is a special skill that helps beautiful ladies to have opponents and win hearts. Men by nature are very fond of “achieving” a woman. For the “earner” is a very important game and the process of courtship, where he tries to show the best qualities that he possesses.© still from the movie “Gentlemen prefer blondes”

Flirting is a real weak point of the opposite sex because with it you can drive a man crazy! Mimicry, gestures, and relaxed communication – all play a big role in the image of the coquette. Remember the main character of the movie “Gentlemen prefer blondes” Loreli: beautiful Marilyn Monroe, charmingly flirting, becomes the object of adoration of men. The girl is very light, a little naive, and insanely attractive, and skillful flirting allows her to always be the center of attention.

Type 2: confident and independent

Such girls are preferred by strong and freedom-loving men because they see them as equal and reliable partners for a strong union. Strong personalities who know what they want, usually careerists and good leaders – this is the second type of ideal woman.

These women are always interesting for their reasoning and lifestyle – manicure in between work, sports, and evenings with friends in chic institutions. Men can not resist such ladies, because charisma, confidence, and independence are real weapons. Confident women make it clear that their life does not revolve only around a man, they have their own plans and their own life, which they live with pleasure and pleasure.

© still from the movie “The Queen’s Move”

The main character of the series “The Queen’s Move” Elizabeth is filled with inner energy, strength and persistently reaches heights in her business because she causes admiration among men. Someone wants to be her partner in the game of chess, someone wants to take a couple of lessons, and others just want to be around. Beth herself went clearly for her main goal, and in the end, received even more than just an incredible career – the girl met her true love.

Type 3: cute, economic and hospitable

Often we hear from men such reflections: “I want me to come, and there she is waiting for me with a delicious dinner, the house is cleaned and cozy, and the soul will immediately feel good as if returned to a reliable fortress.” This is the third type of woman – cute housewives who come up with new culinary delights every day, maintain perfect cleanliness, and really create comfort in the house.© Legion-Media

Such women often resemble their mother, who always took care of us, cooked delicious pies, cared for us during illness, and protected us from all troubles. For some men, this is most important in their chosen one.

This type of woman we see in the movies of the 60s – ideal housewives, dressed with a needle, which causes us warmth and a homely sense of calm. Although this beautiful picture often hides secrets: in the series “Why women kill” the main characters of this type often lead a double life and hide more than one secret in their dressing rooms.

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